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Accessible islands in Europe

April, 2020

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In this comprehensive guide, you read everything about various accessible islands in Europe. Find out information about the most exciting and characteristic cities, and read about the activities and highlights the islands offer.

About Europe

Europe is the continent that lies west of Asia and north of Africa. It also borders the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The continent exists of many countries and islands. Overall, accessibility throughout Europe improved a lot over the years. In this blog post, you read everything about our favorite islands.


The climate in the different parts of Europe varies a lot. The Mediterranean climate in the south is dry and warm. The western and northwestern parts of the continent have a mild, generally humid climate, which is influenced by the wind from the Atlantic Ocean. In Central and Eastern Europe, the atmosphere is of a humid continental type, with cool summers.


Throughout all the European countries, many different languages are spoken. This does not have to be a problem, as overall, a lot of people have a basic knowledge of English. This differs not only by country, but can also differ per region or provence.

Currency and tipping

Most countries and accessible islands in Europe use the Euro as their currency. However, there are some exceptions. Make sure you are aware of this before the start of your trip. Tipping can also vary a lot per country. Prepare before you travel, and find out what the best way is to tip in Europe.


Since Europe is such a big area that consists of so many countries, it is normal that it also includes many different cultures. Even though European culture can be seen as a whole, there are still great variations and differences throughout the area.

Accessibility in Europe

As mentioned before, accessibility in Europe is changing positively. More facilities and options in the cities and beaches become available every year. Read more about the European Accessibility Act in this blog post.

To prepare for your accessible trip in Europe, these useful travel apps may come in handy. One of these apps is Accessaloo. An easy way to find accessible toilets near you. Read more information about this app, how to use it and where to find it. Besides that, the use of European toilet keys is very handy, but can also be a bit confusing. For more detail about that, read this post.

Tenerife view
Tenerife beach
La Laguna Tenerife


The first of the accessible islands in Europe is Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands, which are a very important accessible holiday destination for many Europeans. Tenerife offers something for everyone. The weather conditions are extraordinary since it is sunny all year round, and therefore Tenerife welcomes many visitors throughout the whole year. Besides the great weather, the island has a variety of different things to offer, see and do. Explore the amazing beaches, the beautiful natural attractions and viewing points, enjoy great dining, unique waterparks for children, and obviously Mount Teide. Everyone finds something to their liking here.

Accessible highlights of Tenerife

La Laguna in Tenerife is the most famous region to receive many visitors. This city is the second-largest city on the island of Tenerife and has many exciting and accessible sights. If you are a nature lover, you can also visit Teide National Park and the Anaga Biosphere Reserve. Along the ride to Teide National Park, you see the most incredible panoramic views, and when discovering the park, you walk/roll between volcanic lava. The environment has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO for a very good reason. In the Anaga Biosphere Reserve, there is a wheelchair adapted path you can take, that takes you along the most beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and other natural spectacles.

On the map of Accessaloo, you find accessible toilets in Tenerife. When visiting this island, help the community, and find, add, and rate the accessible toilets you find on the go. Download the app before you travel.

If you are interested in discovering the island, click on the button, and read more information about the various tours we offer.

Ponta Delgada church
Ponta Delgada street
Ponta Delgada overview

São Miguel (Ponta Delgada – Azores)

Ponta Delgada is the capital of the Azores, a string of nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the most beautiful places on this list. Located on the island of São Miguel.

The whole island is an incredible destination due to its unusual nature. It is not for nothing, it also carries the name of the green island. The city of Ponta Delgada is worth a visit because of its many memorable sights, its historical center, authentic squares, museums and monuments. Additionally, you will find churches, gates, and gardens that take your breath away. Another extraordinary fact, did you know that in Ponta Delgada, you find the only tea plantation in Europe?

Accessible highlights of Sao Miguel

On the island of Sao Miguel, the most famous sights focus on the extraordinary nature of the island. Across the region, you find many viewpoints that leave you speechless. Look over the different lakes, cities, and other natural miracles. The island also has multiple old towns that are magnificent to discover.

The Lagao do Fogo, or Lake Fire, is the highest crater lake that you will find on the island. From the viewpoint of Pico da Barrrosa you have amazing views over this lake. Another famous viewpoint is Pico do Ferro, from where you can oversee lake Furnas. Or visit the nature reserve Caldeira Velha, with its small waterfall with warm water that runs into natural baths. The water contains a lot of natural iron, which is considered to entail several health benefits.

Another recommendable visit is Sete Cidades, a small village located next to a crater composed of two adjoining lakes, with different colors: Lagoa Azul, or ‘Blue Lake,’ and Lagoa Verde, or ‘Green Lake.’ The greenish color is due to volcanic gasses that cause chemical reactions.

We offer multiple tours that take you to the best spots on the island. To read more about these wheelchair accessible tours, click on the button.

Gran Canaria square
Gran Canaria view
Gran Canaria port

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is known to be an exceptional destination. Sun, sea, beach, nature, culture, you find it all on this island. Even though the size of the island is rather small, you find many different areas. The sun-drenched south side, a very green north side, the jagged rocks in the west, and a constant wind in the east. The island also has lovely long sandy beaches, charming seaside resorts, and much more that is worth exploring.

Accessible highlights of Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the capital of the beautiful island. The accessible highlights of this city are the Columbus House, where you discover what the Canarian and American culture was like, before the arrival of Europeans. Another important sight in this city is the Cathedral. You find this majestic building in the middle of the town, so it catches your eye right away. Furthermore, you enjoy the cozy streets and bubbly atmosphere.

Besides the city of Las Palmas, the island of Gran Canaria has more to offer. Teror, for example, is the most beautiful village of the island, according to most. In the town, you find an incredible basilica among other sights. The Bandama Crater is also worth a visit. It is a giant volcano crater in Gran Canaria. Lastly, a lesser known village on the island is Aracas. The city is famous for its historic center and its basilica. Lose yourself in the architecture and history of the city.

For more information about the tours we arrange on this island, or to book, click on the button.

Mallorca street
Palma de Mallorca square
Mallorca beach


Next on the list of Accessible islands in Europe is Mallorca. The subtropical Mediterranean climate makes Mallorca a perfect holiday destination. Mallorca is part of the Balearic Islands, a Spanish province. This means that Mallorca is part of the EU and that you pay with the euro. The island is full of culture, architecture, nature, and peace. Besides that, it is a perfect destination for people with disabilities for many reasons.

Accessible highlights of Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is a unique destination for people with disabilities. The possibilities on this island are endless, and it is literally filled with beaches with accessible facilities, for example. Make sure you check out the operating times before you travel.

The most important city on the island is the capital Palma. Besides being a lovely city to walk/roll in, it is also the place from where you can explore Bellver Castle. This is a fantastically preserved castle from the 14th-century. Its oval-shaped design was the first of its kind in Spain. Because of its location on the top of a hill, you have great views over the city, the bay of Palma and the mountains of Tramuntana. Because of this location, the castle got the name Bellver, which means “beautiful view” in Catalan. Bellver Castle is fully wheelchair accesible, with ramps and a stair lift.

Other incredible places on the island are Valldemossa, Sa Foradada, Alcudia, Lluch, and Soller. Each of these places has charming streets, cozy squares, and interesting sights. Valldemossa for instance, is very famous for one particular sight: its historic 13th-century monastery. This monastery is famed for its link to the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. If you continue to Sollér, you see why people they this city really has the best of both worlds: magnificent mountain scenery and a sea view decorated with beautiful beaches. Also do not miss the Port of Sollér, situated in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful harbors.

Do not forget another unique asset of the Island: Mallorca is an accessible sports paradise. Play accessible golf. Learn how to sail on water or land. Participate in accessible scuba diving. Enjoy accessible kayak or even water ski. Even explore the Tramuntana Mountains with an accessible 4×4 Super four vehicle. Mallorca offers it all.

In Mallorca, there are already multiple toilets added to the map of Accessaloo. So make use of the tool to locate the facilities when you travel to the island. Download the app, and find, add, and rate accessible toilets on the go.

Do you want to explore the incredible island of Mallorca? Click on the button for more information.

Malta village
Malta narrow street
Malta view


Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea between the countries of Italy, Libya, and Tunisia and consists of several islands. In addition to the island of Malta, you also have Gozo, Comino, Manoel Island, Cominotto, Filfla, Fungus Rock, and the Saint Paul’s Islands. Most residents live on the largest island: Malta. Gozo is the second island of Malta in terms of size and population. This island is, therefore, very popular with people who seek peace. Malta has been part of the European Union since 2004.

Accessible highlights of Malta

No matter your interests, everyone finds something to do on this island. Explore Valletta, the Three Cities, and Mdina. All these places are filled with culture and history. Valletta is currently the capital of Malta and is a beautiful place laid out in a checkerboard pattern. The Three Cities are Birgu, Senglea, and Bormla. They give you unique insights into the history of the island. Mdina is the old capital of Malta, and today is one of the most impressive places on the island. When you visit the city, you will soon realize why.

Further to these cities, you can discover the Craft Village that offers a mix of artisanal art shops. Another famous sight is the Palazzo Parisio. It gives you a view of the royal life of Malta. Additionally, the archaeological site of the Tarxien Temples is worth a visit as well. It takes you back in time thousands of years. Finally, the Dingli Cliffs and the city of Rabat belong on your list of places to visit. The cliffs form a breathtaking, natural wall, and the city of Rabat gives you peace on a busy trip. Malta offers many different possibilities for many interests.

Would you like to visit this island? Check out our wheelchair accessible tours by clicking on the button.

Madeira view
Madeira port
Madeira village


The island of Madeira, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is a real dream destination with beautiful nature. The brightly colored exotic flowers stand out between the blue of the sea and the emerald green of the plants. Because there is such a pleasant temperature all year round, it is perfect for all kinds of (outdoor) activities.

Accessible highlights of Madeira

Many people know Madeira from its beautiful nature. When visiting the island, you find many incredible viewpoints that leave you in awe. Look over the mountains, the ocean, cities, etc. At certain viewpoints, you find wheelchair-accessible facilities.

A viewpoint not to miss is the one at Eira Do Serrado. A 1.095 meters high mountain in the middle of the island. You get there by following an accessible footpath, and you have a fantastic panoramic view of Curral das Freiras and the majestic mountains surrounding it.

In addition to the spectacular nature, various cities are also worth a visit. You can discover the art of wickerwork and visit the whale museum. Right next to the airport, you find lovely Santa Cruz. Despite its location, the city is still quiet and peaceful, with a nice covered market and beautiful town hall. The church of Santa Cruz is quite exceptional and, according to some, it is designed by the same architect as the Cathedral of Funchal, which is seen as the most beautiful church in Madeira. When exploring the island, consider a visit to the press museum. Here you find items as historical lithographs to cinematographic heritage of communication and the press from Madeira. Continue with a visit to a family-owned winery, offering accessible visits and tastings, and have lunch in Caniçal, a small fishers village.

Madeira is a beautiful island with a lot of things for you to explore. We offer multiple exciting, accessible tours on the accessible island of Madeira. If you are interested to know more about these tours, click on the button.

Sicily city
Sicily street
Sicily coast


Another accessible island in Europe is Sicily. Sicily was formed by the cultures of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Greeks. These cultures still define the island today and offer a wide range of artistic and architectural gems. The island has been one of the most popular destinations in Italy for years. This popularity is mainly due to the versatility of the island. You can easily enjoy the sun, sea, and have a beach holiday for a few weeks. Besides, you can also learn a lot about the different civilizations that have lived on the island through history. Those who prefer a holiday that involves nature can, for example, discover Mount Etna or The Natural Park of the Gorges of Alcantara.

Accessible highlights of Sicily

Mount Etna is thé famous sight on the island of Sicily. The Etna volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, as there has been an eruption every year since 2006. You can drive up the slopes with an accessible vehicle without any problems.

You can visit Agrigento, a very popular place, located on the south coast of Sicily. This popularity is mainly due to the archaeological zone, as in the Temple Valley you find seven temples which are among the best-preserved temples in the world. The most famous touristic town of Sicily is with no doubt Taormina. Here you find the ruins of the Greek-Roman Theatre. This picturesque city is situated on a mountain top that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

The capital of Sicily is Palermo, with the Massimo Theater in the historical center. This is the biggest opera building in Italy. You see the four angels, with its majestic fountain, the Norman palace and the cathedral. Did you know there are thousands of mummies buried in the catacombs of Cappuccini?

Besides these cities, the island has many more beautiful sights. The Alcantara Gorge, for example, is a lovely nature reserve that runs along the river Alcantara. Other than that, you find cozy villages, ancient temples, salt pans, and so much more.

Would you like to visit this beautiful island? We offer various accessible tours in Sicily. Click on the button for more information.

Crete city
Crete port
Crete beach


The last on the list of accessible islands in Europe is Crete, which is the biggest of many Greek islands. It is known for its elaborate history that you can learn about in cities like Chania, Rethymnon and Heraklion. Besides the rich history, there are many other things you can experience. The island’s versatility makes Crete an interesting destination for all ages. In addition to the endless historical excavations, you find beautiful sandy beaches, authentic and quiet mountain villages, and numerous cozy restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

Accessible highlights of Crete

Like many of the other islands discussed in this blog post, Crete also has a lot to offer. Crete is the largest island of Greece, one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. It is also an important source for archaeologists, who mainly investigate the former Minoan civilization. The most famous archeological site on the island is Knossos, where you find enormous amounts of information about King Minos and the Minoan civilization. It holds the remains of the Palace of King Minos, the most important ruler of the Cretan civilization, son of Zeus, king of the gods.

If you wish to see typical Venetian and Turkish fountains, you need to visit Iraklion. Because of the construction of these fountains, it made the water supply issues at the time disappear. The most famous Venetian fountain is the fountain Μorozini. Some of the most magnificent sights in Iraklion are the fortifications, built around the old town for protection. The first fortifications were created by the Byzantines and later improved by the Arabs. In the 15th century, the Venetians reinforced them completely, and most of the walls you see today date from the time of the Venetians.

We can also recommend Chania. Most of the roads in the city are car-free, which makes it a very safe and quite place, but be prepared for some walking/rolling. From the top of the hill of Prophet Elijah you have an amazing panoramic view of Chania City. While you are there, visit the Venizelos Graves, as well as the Old Venetian harbor.

Other than that, you see history and archeology everywhere on the island. Besides being an obvious paradise for history lovers, the island also provides beautiful lighthouses and incredible food. Enjoy the sun, explore nature or visit one of many museums. You always have something to do in Crete.

We offer various tours from various ports on the island of Crete. Click on the button to find more information.

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