Disabled Accessible Travel is the European specialist when it comes to private accessible shore excursions. And this includes private accessible and affordable cruise port transfers.

When you arrive

Once your ship is docked, your driver is waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. At most cruise ports, you will find him or her inside the cruise terminal. As there are usually many passengers leaving the ship at once, do not worry about any possible delays. We understand it can take a bit longer before you can make your way to the terminal. The driver will not leave without you!

Depending on the port of call, all accessible taxis are equipped with a rear ramp of a hydraulic lift. You can remain seated in your wheelchair or scooter during transfer at all times.


To avoid a lack of availability, we highly recommend booking your accessible cruise port transfer on time. Not all ports have or allow adapted vehicles waiting at the general taxi stand. Additionally, as there can be over 5000 people leaving the ship(s) at the same time, these vehicles are in high demand.


Private accessible transfer costs differ per country, port, and vehicle. The prices are based on the total number of travelers, the total number of wheelchair or scooter users, and the amount of (outsize) luggage, as this eventually determines the vehicle size. Further, the costs depend on the length of the journey.

What information do we need?

Arranging an accessible private transfer takes some time as we need to verify availability and the right size vehicle per your requirements. Therefore please allow a few days’ notice. A same-day transfer can not be arranged, as this is too little time to plan accordingly.

We require at least the following details to look into your transfer request and corresponding costs:

  • Total number of travelers
  • Number of travelers passengers in wheelchair/scooter
  • Dimensions of the wheelchair or scooter (length, width, height)


  • how many standard sized suitcases to be transported
  • how many outsize items, as a shower chair or mobile hoist
  • Cruise & Shipname
  • Preferred pick-up time
  • Destination address

Contact us for your accessible cruise port transfer, and we will take care of the rest. All you need to think about is where you will cruise to next!

Private accessible shore excursions

Some ports are quite a distance from the city center. For instance, the port of Civitavecchia is about a 1h15 drive one way from Rome. The port of La Spezia about 1h30 from Florence. Therefore in some destinations, it may be more economical to make use of the adapted vehicle for a full day private accessible shore excursion rather than a pick-up and drop off only.

Feel free to contact us for more information without obligation about the options and possibilities so that we can provide you with details about the relevant situation in your port(s) of call.

Avoid long waiting times and stress

Googling for an ‘accessible cruise port transfer near me’ will not give you the desired results either. Do not want the hassle of arranging your accessible transfer last minute? Let us arrange it for you! Our adapted vehicles come in all sorts and sizes, depending on your wishes and requirements. If you are traveling alone or in a big group, we can accommodate accessible vans to big coaches. Let us know in your booking inquiry with how many people you are, how many wheelchairs or scooters, what their dimensions are. And if you have any outsized luggage like a (portable) hoist, additional manual chair, or sports gear. We will make sure the right accessible cruise port transfer is ready for your arrival.

What to take into account when booking a cruise port accessible transfer:

  • Book as early as possible
  • The prices we give you are from the cruise terminal and if asked for, back to the port.
  • The prices are based upon the following:
  • Group size
  • Wheelchair(s) and / or scooters size
  • The total amount of (outsized) luggage
  • Destination(s)


When booking your accessible cruise port transfer, we will confirm as soon as possible.

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