Accessibility improvements

A big part of organizing holidays or events is to find a venue that is accessible to all. Many places show that they are fully accessible but in reality this is not always the case. For example: a theater shows on their website that they have an accessible bathroom, but the toilet is too low. Or the doors are not wide enough to fit a wheelchair. 

Restaurants do not always have step free access. Disabled hotel rooms often have no maneuvering space on each side of the bed. Light switches and power outlets are not at the right height. Wardrobes hanging at a height suitable for a ‘non’-disabled person, but not for someone seated. Basically: improvements for accessible venues can be endless.

Auditing venues allows public places to proudly highlight the fact that they meet accessible criteria in key areas required for wheelchair access. 

Museums & tourist attractions

Accessibility issues also affect Museums and Tourist Attractions where access may be difficult due to the historical nature of a site. Adaptations can be made at many sites that do not affect structures or damage the attraction. Many historical sites and museums have created tours for disabled people without disturbing the site. With a major rise in revenues as a result.

Accessible conferences and exhibitions

Wheelchair and scooter users are rarely seen at the world’s leading M.I.C.E events. This is mostly because of the general problems disabled people face. Conference and exhibition organizers do offer disabled hotel rooms and transportation sometimes. However these tend to be for the majority, i.e. abled-bodied. Not the disabled businessman requiring special adjustments. Such as: disabled taxi for airport transfers, daily wheelchair taxi service to and from an event and wheelchair accessible hotel rooms.

Our founder, Alan Broadbent, is one of the few accessibility specialists focussing on events. He assists buyers and helps to create a top down business approach. So accessibility in companies and their events can be achieved.

Preferred provider

We are the preferred provider of adapted services to IBTM (formerly EIBTM) from 2011 till now. As part of the World Mobile Congress, company ‘4 YFN’, contracted us to audit the event space. In addition to the audit we provided an on-site disability scooter rental in 2016 and 2017. Our reputation is strong among the many disability travel agents.

Your business clients should no longer have reasons not to attend your M.I.C.E. event. Rank yourself to the list of disabled friendly hotels, disabled friendly cruises, conference hall or disabled friendly museums now.

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