Wheelchair Accessibility of Camp Nou – FC Barcelona

December, 2020

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Ever wondered what it would be like to see the field where many great players have won their matches? You can do so when visiting Barcelona, one of Europe’s most accessible cities. Catalunya’s capital has many great things to offer, from Gaudí and Picasso’s masterpieces to one of the most well-known football fields, Camp Nou. In this guide, you read everything you need to know about visiting the stadium in a wheelchair.

About Camp Nou

Real football fans cannot leave Barcelona without visiting Camp Nou. Because, even if FC Barcelona is not playing a match, seeing the stadium is a unique experience. This football temple is the largest stadium in Europe and can seat 98,787 spectators. In fact, FC Barcelona’s impressive home venue is one of the three largest stadiums in the world. And they are planning to make it even bigger in the near future.

History of Camp Nou

Football Club Barcelona, ​​Barça, was founded at the end of 1899 by Johan (or Johannes) Gamper, a Swiss who ended up in Barcelona and is known to the Catalans as Joan Gamper. He introduced the sport in the country and commissioned the first stadium that could hold 6000 spectators.

As the football club became more and more successful, the stadium in the Les Corts district became too small, and construction of the current Camp Nou began in 1954. The “New Field” was opened on September 24, 1957, during Barcelona’s most important city festival, ​​La Mercè. The first game played in the stadium was one against Warsaw, Poland. FC Barcelona won the match 4-2, and ever since many more victories have followed.

The President Nuñez Museum, named after former club president Josep Lluís Núñez, opened its doors in 1984. The idea for an FC Barcelona museum started back in the 1920s, but it took 60 years to get realized. Fun fact: this museum is the most visited in Barcelona and Catalonia, and the third in Spain, with 1 to 2 million visitors annually. The club museum of FC Barcelona and a tour of Camp Nou have become real attractions.

Wheelchair accessibility of the Camp Nou Experience

The Camp Nou experience is not fully adapted to wheelchair users as there are infinite flights of stairs throughout the stadium. Thus, we generally recommend the tour only if you can walk and take a few steps. The stairs take you to the changing rooms, press and VIP rooms, and the pitch. Luckily the staff is super friendly and will help you wherever they can. In some parts, they can help you avoid some of the steep stairs by using a lift, however this does not mean you can have the full experience as a wheelchair user.

Wheelchair Accessibility of the Camp Nou Museum

The museum and the way to get there is fully accessible for wheelchair users. The floor is flat and easily rollable. You get to the museum by taking a lift that is big enough to handle one wheelchair. At the right level, a staff member brings you to the museum. Inside, you will not experience any accessibility issues. They have thought of everything. From touch screens hanging on a convenient level to display cabinets that are well lit.

Inside, you also find adapted toilets that you can find easily by following the signs. Just outside the building, there is an accessible viewing platform from which you have a stunning panoramic view over the entire stadium. There is a slanted slope towards the pitch from the platform that allows you to see where all the magic happens.

Attending an FC Barcelona match as a wheelchair user

Many visitors come to Barcelona especially to attend a match of FC Barcelona. Make sure you find out in advance when there are matches. Please note: the final date will only be confirmed two weeks in advance and can sometimes change last minute!

Tickets are sold at various points in the city before the match. Often, the price for this is a lot higher than when you buy them online, so we recommend the latter. There are several online vendors where you can easily and reliably order match tickets for FC Barcelona.

Wheelchair seats at FC Barcelona

Wheelchair seats are placed at the top of the lower tier behind the goals. You will get an excellent vantage position, and you can see the full pitch clearly, with no obstruction. Every wheelchair spot is placed beside each other, which is perfect for groups of friends with wheelchairs. However, seating for assistants is therefore not positioned directly beside the wheelchair bays. Keep this in mind when you need additional support.

Tickets for the Camp Nou Experience in a wheelchair

Tickets for the Camp Nou Experience can be bought at the museum box office, but if you do not want to queue for long, you can also order them online. There you also get a discount of 2.50 euros. If you buy the tickets online, you will receive a voucher by email, with which you can collect your tickets at the box office.

How to get there?

In this final part of this blog about the Accessibility of Camp Nou, we describe how to get there. There are several ways to reach Camp Nou. The easiest way is by public transport. Almost all means of public transportation in Barcelona is accessible for wheelchair users. Learn here more about the accessibility of the metro system of the city.

Lines that take you to Camp Nou are:

  • Metro line 3: Get off at Maria Cristina or Les Corts.
  • Metro line 5: Get off at Collblanc or Badal.

Another way to get there is by an adapted taxi. By far, the most convenient and direct way to get there. As wheelchair-accessible taxis are not available at the taxi ranks, we suggest booking your taxi in advance. Want to book your private wheelchair accessible vehicle for a ride to the football temple of Barcelona? Contact us, and we will arrange it accordingly.

Please note that we can only provide transportation to and from Camp Nou. Tickets for football games or the Camp Nou experience need to be arranged on your own account.


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