Ever since the foundation of our company in 2004, we have been working with a European network of reliable local wheelchair transportation companies and individual drivers. We are continually aiming to expand our accessible transfer service to support anyone with limited walking abilities. Each year we assist many customers to transfer from their arrival point to their chosen destination. Be it a hotel or to embark on a Mediterranean or Transatlantic or Baltic Cruise.

All our vehicles have either rear ramp access or a hydraulic lift. The exact type of transportation that awaits you upon arrival depends on your travel destination as accessible vehicles differ in each country and even in each city.


We advise all our travelers not to wait last minute before making any adapted transport arrangements. The wheelchair accessible vehicles are limited in the towns or at the cruise ports, and therefore, need to be booked in advance. Reserving adapted transport before your arrival will avoid long waiting times and, most importantly, avoid stress.

A same-day transfer can not be arranged, as this allows too little time to check availability and plan accordingly.

No one size fits all

We are often asked why we need certain specific details to arrange a smooth transfer. Information as: What are the dimensions of your wheelchair or scooter? What is the combined weight of the chair with the user seated? How much luggage do you bring, how much outsize luggage? And more.

Not all customers are the same, nor is their equipment, and neither are all accessible vehicles. Some vehicles have rear ramp access, others a hydraulic lift, others come with side entry. The ramp width differs per vehicle. Some minivans we can configure to allow for multiple wheelchair users by removing seats, others have a fixed configuration. There are minivans, minibusses, auto cars, autobuses, and so on.

Therefore, before your arrival, we will check with the driver all the necessary dimensions to ensure the accessible equipment and luggage fits the adapted vehicle. Or that we need to arrange a bigger size vehicle or minivan.

Language barrier?

Last but not least, do not forget about the drivers! They are often the first to welcome our travelers to a new destination and the last to take you to the airport or cruise port for the onward journey. They are an essential part of your overall travel experience.

Although the majority of our drivers speak English, you will not have to worry about not speaking the language. We are in direct contact with the individual driver or wheelchair accessible transportation companies. So in case of any questions or concerns, we are here to cover any language barrier.

Your European accessible travel agent

With our private wheelchair accessible vehicles you can start your journey in Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Budapest, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon, Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam, Seville, Bruges, Ponta Delgada, Naples, London, Katakolon, Rhodes, Málaga, Malta, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Cádiz, Geneva, and many other European cities.

Contact us for more information and details.