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A refreshing shower and a good night’s sleep are an important part of your holiday. However, finding fully wheelchair accessible hotels can still be quite a challenge.

Many hotels display the universal wheelchair accessible sign or highlight disabled access on their websites and brochures. Sadly, as many wheelchair users may have experienced, it turns out these hotels do not always offer access as required or needed by wheelchair users. In some cases, lifts are not suitable for all types of manual and power wheelchairs. In other cases, showers described as roll-in may have a ‘lip’ preventing 100% access, or there is no provision of a shower chair.

Additionally, every disabled person is different and therefore not necessary requires the same services and facilities.

As the information displayed online is often nonexistent or incorrect, it is still necessary to reach out by email or phone to the hotels to check if they indeed have a wheelchair friendly accommodation available. And if so, if indeed this room meets the accessibility needs or at least your personal needs.


We have a portfolio of the best handicap accessible hotels throughout Europe of which we can share information, description or photos for your reference and review. In case you require assistance with a check of a hotel or accommodation of your personal choice, please just reach out to us. We can speak the language, we can reach out through our network where we do not, and we know what questions to ask.

Contact us for your accessible holiday accommodation needs. Be this a disabled friendly accommodation in Barcelona, several hotel rooms for disabled guests in the center of Amsterdam, an accommodation for wheelchair users in Florence, some disabled holiday cottages in Switzerland, a list of hotels for disabled people in Mallorca or even two holiday homes with wheelchair access in the heart of the city of Rome. You ask, we arrange!

Have your accessible holiday accommodation guaranteed and enjoy your holiday relaxed and worry-free.