Holidays are times to relax and recharge your batteries. A well deserved break to enjoy a new country or get adventurous. However if you are disabled and/or in need of care, this is not as easy as just booking your holiday and go. When staying in Barcelona, Disabled Accessible Travel offers personal care and tourist support services for those who need (extra) help during their holiday.

If you come to Barcelona, and you need day-to-day care, we can assist in arranging caregivers during your holiday, that is fully adjusted to your wishes and requirements. Perfect for when your primary caregiver is a relative or a friend who is in need of a break themselves or you are going on a trip alone. We will provide assistance with all essential elements of care without you losing autonomy.

Specialized care

Our holiday carers provide care that is built around the individual. Whether you are not moving well because of age, have a disability, problems with your health or suffer from anxiety. We are here for you. We help with administering medication, to get up in the morning, and with all other facets of care during the day, and night. A complex condition is not a barrier to us. With the right level of medical assistance we will make sure that you or your loved ones can enjoy a relaxed vacation.

What we can do for you:

  • Personal care and nursing services
  • Hygiene and personal care in your accommodation
  • Transfers and bedding
  • Help to start and end the day
  • Nursing for rehabilitation and postoperative
  • Injectables, osteotomy and medical care

Our pillars:

  • Personal care: we will make the arrangements to provide care according to your personal needs and wishes.
  • English: the carer services are available in: English, Spanish and Catalan. 
  • Autonomy: we want you to stay as autonomous as possible. We will provide care according to your needs.
  • Nursing: we can provide nursing care for health issues like rehab, ostomies etc.. Or after surgery when for instance you need injectables or change bandages.
  • Experience: the staff is professionally trained, and are experienced in personal care.

The holiday carers are all trained professionals. The highly skilled staff gives care to over 1000’s customers every year in a variety of fields. From personal care, the support of families, and broad support for the elderly. Contact us for the possibilities.