Barcelona mobility equipment rental delivered straight into your cruise cabin or accommodation

Are you planning your next accessible holiday to Barcelona, and you want to avoid the hassle of carrying your heavy gear and prevent unintended damage during transport? We offer a wide variety of mobility equipment, delivered straight into your Barcelona cruise cabin or accommodation. 

We can arrange a wide range of mobility scooters and wheelchair models, as well as shower chairs, electric hoists, profiling beds, and much more. Contact us to make your holiday stressfree, so you can explore the city, or for use during shore excursions.

Delivery straight into your Barcelona cruise cabin

In Barcelona, we have port authority to deliver straight into your cruise cabin! After check-in, you find the mobility equipment waiting for you. At the end of your cruise, you can leave the equipment in the cabin, from where we collect it again.

All we need is your cabin and deck number! Make sure you inform the cruise liner prior that you have mobility equipment delivered, so we can provide you with the necessary specifications to share with the cruise liners if needed.

Delivery to your hotel, apartment, or private rental

Are you not vacationing by cruise? Do not worry. We can deliver the mobility equipment to any accommodation in the city, as well as in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, or along the Costa Brava. We offer different kinds of material that provide you the freedom to move around without any barriers or worries.

To make this a smooth as possible, we need to know your mobility requirements, the address location, and your travel dates.

Mobility equipment costs in Barcelona

Rental costs vary depending on the type of equipment you need, the rental duration, and delivery and pick up location. We also need to know if we can leave the mobility equipment with the concierge or reception desk, or that we need to pre-set a delivery/pick up time and location with you.

Some of the mobility equipment rentals available in Barcelona

Disabled Accessible Travel offers a wide range of wheelchair and scooter rentals. The standard manual wheelchairs, or transport wheelchairs, are lightweight and very easy to take with you. We can arrange an electric wheelchair, as well as a foldable electric chair. Additionally, we can deliver 3 or 4 wheel scooters, as well as heavy-duty scooters. The latter is suitable for a more massive load than the standard ones.

Foldable scooters are a good option for use on cruise cabins because of their shorter turning circle. You can disassemble them for easy transport and storage. Contact us for options and possibilities and further specifications. Only a few examples of the mobility equipment rentals available:

  • Manual wheelchair
  • Foldable manual wheelchair
  • Power wheelchair
  • Foldable power wheelchair
  • Mobility scooter
  • Heavy-duty mobility scooter
  • Foldable scooter
  • Hoist
  • Shower chair / Commode
  • Pressure relief mattresses
  • Semi-electric bed
  • Knee walker
  • Walking frames
  • Scooter rollator
  • And more

Personal care and tourist support in Barcelona

Besides offering mobility equipment rentals in Barcelona, we can also provide personal care and tourist support to help with the day-to-day tasks or the more specialized assistance so that you can enjoy your holiday.

The carers can help administer medication, offer support getting up in the morning, and with all other facets of care during the day and evening. Contact us for more information.

Accessibility Barcelona

Barcelona is considered one of the most accessible cities in Europe. The sidewalks are broad, mostly flat, very few to no cobbles, and on almost every corner, there is a curb cut for easy access.

The main touristic sites, like Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia or Casa Vicens, have wheelchair access and offer free to discounted entry for wheelchair users. Keep in mind that some of the elevators in the older buildings, like La Pedrera or Casa Battló, can be quite small, though, and free manual wheelchairs are offered for visits. Do not miss the surroundings of Barcelona, and consider a visit to the mountains and accessible Monastery of Montserrat, a beautiful winery or the crypt of Colonia Guell.

Barcelona is very straightforward to explore with public transport as all buses are wheelchair accessible through a ramp. Most metro stations are as well. However, be aware that not all elevators always work. Learn more about how to metro in Barcelona.

Please note no adapted taxis are waiting at the taxi stands at the airport, cruise port, or train stations. All adapted transfers need to be booked in advance.

Last but not least, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and café’s that are accessible to wheelchair or scooter users, including adapted bathrooms. We have listed five accessible restaurants to get you started. More information about the actual toilet facilities can be found in the app accessaloo, the application to find, add, and share accessible toilets on the go.

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