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Wheelchair Accessibility Sagrada Família

August, 2019

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When visiting Barcelona, you cannot avoid visiting Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Família. The built started in 1882. A time where accessibility was not as high on the list of priorities as it is now. In this Wheelchair Accessible Sagrada Família blog, we give you all the information you need to know before you visit this fascinating cathedral. You will read about how to get there, general information, and how to get your tickets. And most importantly, about how to avoid the long waiting lines!

About the cathedral

Upon entering the church, you will be dazzled by the bright colors shining through the stained glass. Gaudi’s inspiration came from nature, and by implementing shiny colors, he wanted to show that the structure is as alive as a real forest. The columns represent the trees, and the staircase shows the shell of a snail. Sadly, Gaudi never saw his work of art finished. He died after being hit by a tram in the middle of Barcelona. Now, he rests in peace in the crypt of La Sagrada Família.

Over the years, the Wheelchair Accessible Sagrada Família has become one of the most famous symbols of the city. And also of the country. The architects’ most famous building is visited annually by millions of people. From the start in 1882, the construction is funded with money solely coming from donations. The built is still going on, and they say it will be completed in 2026 according to calculations.

How to get there

There are different ways to arrive at the Sagrada Família. You can go with an adapted taxi, which you need to book in advance. Or use public transportation. The latter is the most economical option to get around in the city. All buses in Barcelona are fully accessible. And most of the metro stations are accessible.

If you want to use the metro, check out our blog about the metro system’s accessibility and the stations. The metro station ‘Sagrada Família’ is also wheelchair accessible. Two metro lines are stopping here, lines 2 and 5. Once at the station, you go up via the elevator that takes you to the front of the impressive building.

The address is: Carrer de Mallorca 401

Metro stop Sagrada Familia
Wheelchair Entrance Sagrada Familia direction

Accessibility Sagrada Família

When using a wheelchair, you find the entrance on the cathedral’s backside on the street called: Carrer Sardenya. A staff member will help you get inside by opening the gate and leading you to pass the turnstiles. Once inside, everything is completely flat and smooth, and the wheelchair route is the same for people on foot. The area inside is massive, and there is enough space to maneuver. Wander around and enjoy the beautiful colors and shapes of the building.

Wheelchair users cannot go up to the towers. There are elevators; however, to access these, you need to take several steps — inherited from a time where accessibility standards were much different than today. Luckily even from the ground floor, the church’s beauty is still extraordinary and very much worth a visit.

After you have seen the interior, you can visit the museum via a ramp. This building is more modern and is the place where you learn everything you need to know about the architect and his masterpiece.

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance Sagrada Familia
Smooth floor Sagrada Familia
Ramp Sagrada Familia


The accessible bathroom is indicated with signs and is fully accessible for wheelchair users. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the doors are a bit narrow. Some wheelchairs might not fit through. Find more detailed information about the facilities and the exact location of this bathroom with our newest app, accessaloo. A user-generated content app to help users find, add and share accessible toilets on the go. User-generated, as we truly believe, there is a gap in the correct and validated information availability about accessible toilets worldwide. Download accessaloo in the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Sagrada Familia Door
Sagrada Familia Bathroom
Sagrada Familia Changing Facility

Tickets and free entrance

People with a disability of more than 65% are allowed to visit the Sagrada Família free of charge upon showing their medical documentation. Free admission is for a disabled and one companion. And although the entry for wheelchair users is free, you also need to book your tickets in advance. Booking your tickets online is very easy and self-explanatory. Click here to purchase your entry.

In the bookings process for the individual entrances, after selecting the type of ticket, the date, and preferred time slot, you choose the ‘disabled’ option to obtain your free ticket. Via this way, you cannot add a companion, though, as the system does not allow that, unfortunately. Do not choose any other options, because then you have to pay. Upon arrival at the cathedral, you have to go to the backside entrance. There, a staff member will help you get inside.

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