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Our Story

Disabled Accessible Travel was founded by Alan Broadbent in 2004 in Barcelona. He started the company with the aim of creating barrier-free tours in the city. Tours suitable for slow-walkers, wheelchair users, and their family, friends, or fellow travelers.

It did not take long for the company to expand into new areas. It expanded both its geographical boundaries and its travel-related services. In doing so, over the years, Alan built a name in the industry, both personally and business-wise.

In 2017, Mirjam Versteegh acquired the company. With her arrival, the company underwent a successful rebranding. In a short amount of time, she managed to gain name recognition in the world of accessible travel. She specializes in bespoke travel solutions for individuals, groups and travel agents. As travel-lover and certified Project Manager, she enjoys creating unique travel plans. Under her guidance, the company added even more accessible destinations.

Today, Disabled Accessible Travel is Europe’s leading accessible travel agent. It offers a wide range of bespoke services to any type of traveler in need of adapted solutions.


Geographical Boundaries

The company initially introduced its services in Barcelona. Nevertheless, it soon expanded its network of service providers beyond the city’s boundaries. New destinations that followed were those along the Mediterranean coast and Europe’s mainland. Growing from that base, nowadays, the company offers services throughout Europe. Upon request, Disabled Accessible Travel can offer services in other designated areas.


Service Portfolio

Over the years, the company expanded its service offering. Besides being known for its private tours and shore excursions on a European scale, one of the many services Disabled Accessible Travel offers today are transfers. These transfers range from adapted airport or cruise port transfers to medical transportation. Additionally, the company offers the possibility to rent mobility equipment. These special needs rentals serve travelers at their holiday or business destination. In Barcelona, the company even offers a delivery service into the cruise cabins. Talking about bespoke services. To complete the travel package, Disabled Accessible Travel offers 100% accessible accommodations.

Other services include specialized care and tourist support. These services span from personal care at a holiday destination to nursing for rehabilitation. Furthermore, the company helps business travelers at their destination. This help includes accommodation, transfers to meetings or conferences, and mobility equipment rentals. Finally, Disabled Accessible Travel provides business-to-business services. It helps travel agencies who receive special requests from clients with a disability.

In July 2019, the company launched a mobile app for finding accessible toilets: accessaloo. This user-generated app allows users to upload and locate accessible toilets nearby. accessaloo takes away the last bit of stress for a peaceful and relaxed travel experience. 

The idea for accessaloo emerged during our day-to-day activities at Disabled Accessible Travel. Our broad span of services helps our clients feel secure and relaxed. Nevertheless, one particular basic need was not covered by our current services: until now.

Going out for a coffee, a meal, or some sightseeing should be about the experience: spending time with friends and family, meeting new people, exploring cultures, relaxing and simply enjoying it all. It should not be about worrying whether you will be able to find a nearby accessible toilet throughout the day.

After receiving numerous questions about where you could go to the toilet after visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Colosseum in Rome, we were certain there was a need for a tool that would help people find accessible toilets on-the-go. This tool would enable us to complete our mission to offer our travelers the experience of a fully stress-free holiday. 

And so, accessaloo was born!


How we work

We aim to accommodate our customers’ individual needs. No two people are the same. No two travelers are the same. But above all, no disability is the same. Disabled Accessible Travel is a travel agency specialized in organizing 100% accessible holidays.

The company prides itself on:

  • offering a high level of personal service,
  • quick response times to your inquiry,
  • and delivering high-quality services at the most competitive prices.

All our services are on a one to one basis. They are highly personal to each client.

We are ethical and ambitious, and we see no limits in crossing borders. Our travel plans are available worldwide.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accessible travel services to slow-walkers and wheelchair users. In doing so, we constantly recognize the individual needs of each client.

Quality. Safety. Accessibility. These are the three words we work to each day providing our guests with a service of the highest standards.

The beginningsOur History


Acquisition Barcelona-Enabled

We are happy and proud to announce that Barcelona-Enabled has chosen Disabled Accessible Travel to continue the great work they have started. By acquiring Barcelona-Enabled, Disabled Accessible Travel enters into a new exciting chapter in its existence: offering group tours and group accommodation services in one of the best accessible hotel apartments in town.

Speaker at the International Congress on Accessible Cruise Destinations by TUR4all

Mirjam Versteegh discussed the role of travel agencies in accessible cruise tourism representing Disabled Accessible Travel at the ‘Congreso Internacional TUR4all de Destinos Accesibles de Cruceros’ in Valencia.

Launch accessaloo

Launch of mobile application accessaloo. accessaloo is a user-generated content app that helps users save and find accessible toilets worldwide. It is an extension to the broad span of services offered to help clients feel secure and relaxed and contributes to the company’s mission.

Headquarter relocation & new brand identity

Moved headquarters towards the Netherlands while keeping the Spanish office 100% up and running.
Rebranding and launch of the new website.

New Managing Director

The company appointed Mirjam Versteegh as the new Managing Director.

Launch B2B Services

The company starts offering business-to-business consulting services to travel agencies who receive special requests from clients with a disability.

Speaker at the International NAIDEX Event

Alan Broadbent represents Disabled Accessible Travel as a guest speaker at the International NAIDEX Event in Birmingham, UK.


Alan Broadbent is recognized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and European Union (O ECD-EU) as an ‘Inspiring Entrepreneur’ with disabilities. He is one of three disabled entrepreneurs in Europe ever to receive this award from the OECD-EU.

Global events

Alan Broadbent present as a keynote speaker at World Travel Market in London and World Congress of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO) in Paris.

Expanding coverage

The network of service providers grows along the Mediterranean coast and mainland Europe.

Spanish roots

Disabled Accessible Travel starts its existence with the aim of creating barrier-free tours in Barcelona suitable for slow walkers and wheelchair users.

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