Meet the Managing DirectorMirjam Versteegh

Mirjam joined the company in 2017 in the role of Managing Director. She has a background in Social Studies and a natural talent for organizing and planning. Her years of working as a consultant, helped her to further improve her professional inter-personal skills. In her previous roles, she was responsible for taking the lead in the structuring of complex projects.

Mirjam met Alan after her two year Swiss adventure had come to an end. And at the same time, Disabled Accessible Travel was expanding and in need of a new Managing Director. Her international network, positive energy, and broad experience made her the ideal candidate. The rest is history!

Mirjam does not take no for an answer and gets excited in environments that impact the way people travel. She specializes in custom made travel services for any kind of customer. She loves challenging the ‘impossible’ and enabling the ‘possible. Her goal is to ‘open doors’ and allow access for all, to the best the world has to offer.

Mirjam is originally from the Netherlands. Her Dutch roots and open mind set resulted in the expansion of the geographical coverage. In her free time, she loves outdoor running, traveling, wining and dining!

Mirjam Versteegh

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