Frequently Asked Questions


In which countries do you offer your travel services?

See our Destinations page for more information.

Wheelchair accessible services are available in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, France, United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Slovenia, Russia, Israel and Morocco. We keep on expanding our 100% accessible tour routes.

I would like to travel to a destination not listed on your website?

We are constantly researching new destinations. Please contact us and let us know your wishes and requirements. Following we will research and work with our network of worldwide service providers to try to accommodate your travel plans.

Do you offer disabled holidays abroad all inclusive?

We do offer accessible travel packages. These travel packs are a combination of pick-up and drop-off with private adapted transport, accessible accommodation and a selection of private adapted tours. We can include dinner reservations for you.


Why do I need to provide the dimensions of my wheelchair?

Not every wheelchair is the same, not every handicap accessible taxi is the same. We will check with the driver prior to your arrival if your wheelchair fits the vehicle and fits the ramp width. In case needed we arrange a larger size vehicle, or offer a wheelchair van service.

Why do I need to provide information about my luggage?

Transportation for disabled people should be guaranteed. Besides your wheelchair or scoot transfer, guests bring luggage for their holidays. We would like to avoid situations in where your adapted vehicle does not have enough space to carry your luggage.

Why can´t I just go to the taxi-stand for airport transfers?

Wheelchair taxis are often not available or allowed at the airport or cruise port. Therefore googling “wheelchair transportation near me” or “wheelchair accessible taxi near me” will often give no results. Pre-booking a handicap taxi service takes away all stress, and avoids long waiting time.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Our drivers check your flight status. In case your flight is late we alter the pickup time accordingly so you can be assured that whatever the time of arrival, your service is guaranteed.

What happens if my ship is delayed?

Our wheelchair cab service is used to the fact that disembarking takes time and that you may be later than the agreed pick-up time. We always ask for a mobile contact number, so in case of any emergency we or our disabled transportation services company can contact you.

Do you provide wheelchair lift taxi service?

We have all kind of wheelchair transport vehicles. Depending on the type of vehicle, the adapted transport has rear ramp access and some accessible transportation companies have a hydraulic lift.

Please contact us in case you require an accessible coach, accessible van or taxi with wheelchair lift.

Do taxis that take wheelchairs also carry baby seats?

Wheelchair accessible taxicabs are not obliged to carry baby seats. Please notify us prior so we can arrange a baby seat.

What about Uber wheelchair taxis?

In certain European cities Uber is forbidden by law. Therefore utilizing the app and searching for “handicap transportation near me” or “wheelchair taxi near me”, will also here give no results. Pre-booking a wheelchair accessible transit takes away stress and avoid hassles.


In which ports do you offer shore excursions?

We offer our accessible services in almost all European ports. Please visit the “tours” section to find out the best cruises for wheelchair users and their wheelchair accessible cruise ships.

In which language are your tours?

English is standard and where possible we provide additional language options.

What are the best cruises for disabled passengers?

The best cruises for handicapped people can be found on the website of the cruise liners. We have listed the most popular cruise liners and their ships under “tours”. Please go to their website directly to find cruises suitable for disabled.


Where should I leave my rental equipment following the use during my cruise?

On the final day of the cruise, the rental equipment can be left in the cabin where it will be collected. Please make sure that the cabin steward is aware that your special equipment will be collected from the cabin and must not be moved to an alternative location.

Can you deliver my rental equipment in my room or cabin?

When staying in a hotel, your rental equipment can be delivered directly into your room.

In some ports, such as Barcelona, we have authority to deliver right into your cruise cabin. Additionally we can arrange mobility equipment rental for cruises leaving from the Barcelona port and with a different termination point.

Contact us to ask about the possibilities

What kind of wheelchairs and scooters do you offer?

We offer a variety of different travel wheelchair rental, such as a manual wheelchair, foldable wheelchair and electric wheelchairs. Additionally we have various disability scooter rental, as heavy duty scooter, a foldable scooter, 4-wheel drive scooter.

Please contact us for the mobility rental travel options in your travel destination.


How do we reserve a hotel room?

We can help you secure an accessible hotel room. Some hotels only require a credit card to secure the reservation. When that is the case, we will reach out to you and ask you for your credit card name and number, without(!) security number.

This is for reservation purposes only, not for payment.

Do the accomodations have a roll-in shower?

Yes, we check prior to booking if our disability accommodation has a roll-in shower.

Do the accomodations have a hoist?

No there are not a lot of hotels with hoists for disabled people. Please contact us for our hoist rental offerings.


Is Parc Guell accessible?

Barcelona wheelchair access in Barcelona is in general very good. Unfortunately Parc Guell is not one of the most wheelchair friendly sites, although differently stated on the sites own website. The parc is situated on a very steep hill. In order to get to the entrance you either need to climb up, travel with public transport or have you dropped off by means of an adapted taxi.

Once in the parc, the roads are very uneven with various stairs and tough roads, which results into many alternatives paths and detours.

If you do wish to visit the parc we advise that you travel with a companion, and take the above into account.

Is the Sagrada Familia accessible?

Yes, the Sagrada Famila is accessible, except for the towers. We strongly advise you to pre-book your tickets in order to skip the line and avoid very long queues.

You can either visit the Church on your own and arrive with Public Transport. Or include a visit as part of our City Tour, so you are dropped off for your timed-entry and enjoy your audio guided tour in the Sagrada Familia. After the visit, you will continue with your visit of the other highlights of Barcelona.


Is the Coliseum in Rome accessible?

The Coliseum is accessible taking the following into account. Wheelchair users will enter from the main entrance by means of a ramp. To access the top floor there is an elevator. Depending on the size of the wheelchairs, this elevator can fit two wheelchairs simultaneously. Be advised that the interior downstairs is cobblestoned due to the architectural lay out and therefore can be uncomfortable, and may require some strength on occasion.

You can add a two hour private guided through the Colosseum when visiting Rome.


Can I pay with credit card?

Unfortunately we cannot take credit card payments. Our payment options include an international wire transfer or alternatively a PayPal payment (5% PP fee).

When paying with PayPal you have the option to pay with credit card. Even if you do not have an account, there is no need to register prior to make payment. Upon clicking the payment request link, PayPal will provide easy instructions on how to complete payment.

I do not have a PayPal account. How can I pay?

You can use the PayPal payment services without the need to sign up for an account.

Upon receiving the PayPal payment link, you are directed to a payment screen where you have the option to select a link “do not have a PayPal account”. Select this link to open. Following you can enter your personal information, billing address and credit or debit card information. Once completed, click the “review payment” button to review the payment details on the screen to make sure all is correct.

When you wish to edit any of the information, click the “change” button.

When all is correct, click the “pay now” button to finalize the payment.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

Most of our service suppliers require the services to be paid prior to secure the reservation. Therefore all our services are on prepaid basis in order to confirm the booking and availability of the services, such as adapted transport and guiding services.


What if something goes wrong?

Everyone makes mistakes, so do we! Nothing is done on purpose. Our success rate is at 99% (source: booking system disabled accessible travel) and we do our very best to make your travel experience hazzle free.

In case you do experience something unforeseen, please contact us immediately so we can provide a solution and prevent this going forward.



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