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Highlights of this tour

  • Wine tasting
  • Audiovisual show
  • Sensory activity
  • Shopping for wines, cava, and brandy

Accessibility information

  • Train on the terrain is only available for people who can transfer
  • Fully accessible museum
  • This tour is available from April to September

What is included?

  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • Private adapted transport
  • Door to door
  • Pick up from accommodation or cruise port

What is not included?

  • Tips
Torres winery accessible tour
grapes in a vineyard
cava tasting

About this wheelchair accessible wine and cava tour

Accessible Wine and Cava Tour

Explore some of Spain’s best wines and famous sparkling Cava on this half-day accessible Wine and Cava tour. Barcelona’s wine region is gaining more attention from wine experts all over the world. On this tour, you will visit the well-known Torres Bodega. This is a traditional wine-growing farm that was founded in 1870. Guided by their knowledge and experience you will definitely have a wonderful day.

The program

The winery is located a bit outside of Barcelona, and it takes about one hour to get there by accessible van. Once at the winery, you will attend an audiovisual show and a special sensory activity. Furthermore, there is an option to visit the vineyards by ‘train’. Unfortunately, this ride is only accessible for those who can transfer from their wheelchair into the train seat. Alternatively, there is a museum on site that is fully accessible. Finish the journey with a wine tasting experience and some free time to shop for wines, cava, and brandy.

About the winery

The Torres family has been in the wine business for over 150 years and has won a lot of prestigious prizes. Maintaining their traditional values the family follows the principle of ‘from the soil to the table’. Everything is manufactured with love and with extra special attention to our planet and environment. Innovation comes first and they always try to improve and provide the best possible wines.


An amazing fact about this winery is that they are really invested in being environmentally friendly. They have set their goals to lower their carbon footprint. They do this by reducing their CO2 emissions per bottle by 25.4%. And they want to keep increasing this number in the future. They have even set up a special program for this. Better earth = better soil = better wine and that is a win-win situation for everyone, right?

*This tour is available from April to September.

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