Amsterdam Hero

All our three accessible tours in Amsterdam are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and other travelers. Futhermore, every tour is flexible and we can adapt them to you wishes.

Moreover, not far from the capital are more beautiful places. Therefore, we offer tours from Amsterdam to the Zaanse Schans and Volendam, and to the Keukenhof flower gardens. Read the pages below and get the most out of you trip to Amsterdam.

We wish you an unforgetable time in Amsterdam!


Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans and Volendam – Approx. 4 or 6 hours

During this half day tour, you visit two typical Dutch places, the Zaanse Schans with its beautiful windmills, and fishermen village Volendam. In Volendam you can eat Dutch herring, and you see many fishing boats and traditional historical Dutch costumes. Your Dutch tour starts and ends at your accomodation in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam walking tour

Amsterdam history walking tour – Approx. 3 hours

This half day walking tour takes you through the time worn streets of the City where highlights will include visits to the Old Church, viewings of iconic bridges over the various canals which are flowing through Amsterdam, and a visit of Amsterdam is incomplete without rolling through the famous Red-Light District. Furthermore,  you will visit the only medieval courtyard of Amsterdam, you stroll along the Royal Palace, De Waag, and you see a hidden book market.

Keukenhof flower gardens

Keukenhof flower gardens tour – Flexible hours

For this tour you go to a colourful place just outside the bustling city center of Amsterdam. You visit the Keukenhof flower gardens, where you see the the most wonderful flowers of the Netherlands and you learn everything about the tulip. And, yes the story behind the tulip is very impressive!

Tours in Amsterdam

A wheelchair accessible vehicle will be picks you up at your accomodation in Amsterdam.

We aim to reduce the amount of stress and problems that can be faced in traveling with your own mobility equipment (damage at airports, items lost in transit, etc) and for that purpose we offer a variety of adaptive equipment for hire. We offer a wide range of scooter and wheelchair models for use during your holiday, consult us so we can offer one that meets your needs.

*DAT always endeavors to provide equipment that meet our guest’s needs however in some destinations there are limitations as to availability of some items.

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers visitors a wonderful scenery with its canals from the Golden Age, especially because they are lined up with tilting gabled buildings. The city is a ‘parade’ of multi-culturism that reflects the cosy and relaxed lifestyle of the City. Amsterdam is above all a City of Culture and should definitely be experienced. Try to walk/roll through the city without finding any masterpiece of art or museums, it really won’t work. Van Gogh Vermeer, Rembrandt are all represented with museums dedicated to their Art, not forgetting the Rijksmuseum, which is filled with treasures from the Golden Age. But not only canals fill the gap between the buildings. There are as well simple streets where you can get through and find many hidden treasures. Unexpectedly you might find a tiny hidden garden or as well stylish boutiques with different offers.