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Wheelchair Accessible Bruges is a popular tourist destination all year round. However, especially during the holidays in December. The city has a huge Christmas market and is beautifully decorated with lights at that time of the year.

Our walking tour through Bruges is accessible for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and other travelers, and fully customizable to your wishes. The driver meets you at the cruise port of Zeebrugge and drives you to the charming city center of Bruges, where you meet your guide.

Stroll through the medieval alleys, admire the canals and visit Bruges many squares and buildings. And, do not forget to taste the Belgian chocolate at one of the 55 chocolatiers, or enjoy a craft beer tasting!

We wish you a wonderful and ‘tasty’ time in Bruges!


Bruges from above

Wheelchair Accessible Historical walking tour through Bruges – Flexible hours

During this flexible walking/rolling tour, you visit the historical highlights of Bruges, accompanied by your English-speaking guide. You (st)roll along the medieval alleys and canals, visit Market Square, see the statue of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck, the Belfry, the City Hall, and the Begijnhof. Furthermore, it is possible to include a chocolate tasting, craft beer tasting, or visit cafés.

Tours in Bruges

A wheelchair accessible vehicle awaits for you at the cruise port of Zeebrugge and takes you to the historical city. In the city, you meet one of our experienced English-speaking guides. This guide knows all the hidden places of Bruges and tells you everything about the history of the city. The tour and duration are very flexible, so tell us about your wishes in advance, and we can create the perfect walking/rolling tour for you.

About Bruges

Bruges, the capital of province West-Flanders, is one of the most visited cities in Belgium. Due to its medieval alleys, squares, buildings, and the Begijnhof, the historic center of Bruges is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. The historical center is partly pedestrian.

Moreover, with its canals, atmospherically squares, historical buildings, museums, delicious chocolate, many craft beers, little cafés, and the best fries, Bruges has something for everyone. And, all this at only fifteen kilometers from the sea.