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Madeira is a popular destination for young and old. People fall in love with the culture of Madeira, the warm climate, and the beautiful vantage points. We offer special excursions to gorgeous places on the island. Tours include visits to viewing points, optional visits to the whale museum, or ethnographic museum, and you can discover the artisan skill of Wickerwork. It is up to you what you want to see. All itineraries are flexible and barrier-free.


Faial viewpoint

Wheelchair Accessible Madeira Viewpoints tour – Approx. 4 hours

During this tour, you see the most fabulous viewpoints Madeira offers. Get enchanted by gorgeous views of the mountains that roll into the ocean. Furthermore, you have the option to visit a winery and the press museum.

câmara de lobos madeira

Wheelchair Accessible Ribeira Brava tour Madeira – Approx. 4 hours

See the most important highlights of Madeira during this 4 hours long tour. This tour includes an optional visit to a winery or the Ethnographic museum, several viewpoints, or the garden where you find all flora and fauna from the island.

Santa Cruz Madeira white church

Wheelchair Accessible Tour through the Santa Cruz area – Approx. 4 hours

This tour through the Santa Cruz area is all about the best views of Madeira. You visit three viewpoints, with each of them showing you the charm of beautiful Madeira. Besides these viewing sites, there is an option to have lunch, and you visit an old mill where you learn everything about the rich sugar making history of the island.

The art of Wickerwork

Wheelchair Accessible House of the Vimes tour Madeira – Approx. 4 hours

Discover everything about the artisan art of wickerwork in Madeira. An ancient way of making furniture, boxes, and much more. Shop around for the perfect souvenir and enjoy gorgeous views at several viewpoints on the island.

canical madeira

Discover the Wheelchair Accessible highlights of Madeira – Approx. 8 hours

During this full-day Discover the highlights of Madeira tour, you see the best of what the island of Madeira offers. From the many viewpoints, the house of Vimes where you enjoy the ancient art of Wickerwork, you have the option to visit the whale museum, and much more.

Discover Southern Madeira - Seixal Madeira

Discover Wheelchair Accessible Southern Madeira – Approx. 8 hours

During this full-day tour, you have the whole day to visit the most important highlights of the southern side of the island Madeira. This tour includes the option to visit a winery, the press museum, and the aquarium, the best views of the island, a visit to Camara de Lobos where you can local drinks, and much more.

Tours in Madeira

A wheelchair accessible vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival. Your experienced English-speaking guide will make you feel at home instantly. He knows all the hidden gems in and around the island. With him, you will experience the best local attractions and enjoy an extraordinary day.

About Madeira

Officially an autonomous region of Portugal. This beautiful island group is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. The islands have become increasingly famous in recent years and are known as a paradise holiday island. The island group consists of several small islands of which two are inhabited: the main island and the smaller island of Porto Santo. The other islands are protected nature reserves.

The capital of the island group is the city of Funchal. This city is also the largest in the archipelago, and has around 100.000 inhabitants. Besides the capital, the island has a few other major cities, however all other towns have barely more than 50.000 inhabitants. The archipelago was discovered at the end of the Middle Ages by Henry the Navigator. After almost wrecking, the captains of the fleet named one of the islands of Porto Santo, which means: holy harbor. The island they found was covered with tropical rainforest and had a mountainous character.