Wheelchair accessible Portugal is a popular destination because of its great weather. Besides that, it also has beautiful islands, lively cities, green landscapes, wonderful beaches, and extraordinary history. Although Portugal is a reasonably small country it has a variety of landscapes and offers so many things it pleases everyone.


What to see

When visiting Portugal, you should take a trip to its capital Lisbon and visit the Torre de Belém and the Mosteiro des Jerónimos. Another interesting city to travel to is Fátima. It is known as the most important place of pilgrimage. In Sintra, you will find centuries-old palaces. Other than that, you can also find the most western point of the European continent over there, the Cabo da Roca. The next interesting city is Porto. Porto is famous for its wine and the city offers a great nightlife, excellent restaurants, and a growing cultural scene.

About Portugal

The southern European country of Portugal is popular with nature and sun lovers. The country is not yet as touristy as Spain and has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.
The archipelagos Madeira and the Azores are also part of Portugal and worth a visit. Ponta Delgada is the largest city of the Azores and the place to be. There, you can find a beautiful historic center and a breath-taking environment.

Although Portugal is located on the Iberian peninsula just like Spain, it does have a different climate. Portugal is generally a bit cooler than Spain because of the cooler seawater of the Atlantic Ocean.

In Portugal, you also pay with the euro. Tipping in Europe can differ quite a bit. Therefore, read this blog post with more information.