Tour through the Santa Cruz area hero

Highlights of this tour

  • Caniço – Garajau Viewpoint
  • Santa Cruz
  • Portela Viewpoint Stop
  • Baía D’Abra Viewpoint
  • Optional Whale Museum
  • Sugar Cane Milling Company

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle between sights
  • This tour is only available during the week
  • Little strolling between sights

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • English-speaking driver guide
  • Adjustable to your wishes
  • Adapted transportation
  • Pick up from accommodation or cruise port

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
  • A licensed guide can be added upon request, at an additional cost
Cristo Rei Madeira
whale museum madeira
Santa Cruz Madeira

About this wheelchair accessible tour through the Santa Cruz area

This tour through the Santa Cruz area is all about the best views of Madeira. You visit three viewpoints, with each of them showing you the charm of beautiful Madeira. Besides these viewing sites, there is an option to have lunch*, and you visit an old mill where you learn everything about the rich sugar making history of the island.

Your driver guide meets you at your accommodation or at the cruise port. You find him by the sign he is holding with your name on it. You get into the car utilizing a rear-ramp. Once everyone is seated comfortably, you are good to go.

Garajau Viewpoint

The first stop on this tour is the Garajau Viewpoint in Caniço. Up at the viewpoint, there is a big statue in the form of Jesus with his arms spread, facing the ocean. Another name for this piece of art is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and it resembles the famous statue of Jesus in Rio the Janeiro.

Santa Cruz

The next stop is the lovely town of Santa Cruz. The village is right next to Madeira airport. If the wind comes from the right direction, you can also see the planes fly over from the city. Despite its location, Santa Cruz is a strikingly quiet and peaceful village with a nice covered market, a beautiful town hall, and a unique church. The church of Santa Cruz, in particular, is exceptional. According to some sources, the church is designed by the same architect as the Cathedral of Funchal, which is seen as the most beautiful church in Madeira.

Portela viewpoint

After you have seen the lovely town of Santa Cruz, you continue your tour to the next viewpoint in Portela. This viewpoint treats you with the best views of Maderia. You can see Porto da Cruz, Penha d’Águia and also part of Santana.

Baia D Abra viewpoint

You continue towards the last viewpoint on this tour, the Baia D Abra. This view spot offers a dazzling view of Ponta de S. Lourenço and its coastline. Check out the erosion caused by wind and water on the volcanic rocks and soak up your surroundings while breathing the fresh air.

You have the option to have lunch in Caniçal. A small fishers village in which your driver guide will advise you several options to have lunch*

*lunch is not included

Optional Whale Museum

Although many visitors prefer to see marine mammals in their natural habitat, this Whale Museum describes the history of whale hunting in Madeira. Interestingly, whales contribute to the economy of Madeira. First, Madeirans killed whales to earn a living. Now they protect them. By doing this, Madeirans have developed a new way of making a living. They guide tourists to see cetaceans in the waters of Madeira.

Due to its unique geographical location, Madeira is on the migration routes of many cetaceans. Many boats and catamarans offer whale watching.

Whale Museum

This museum forms two parts. The first part is about the history of whale hunting in Madeira, which began in 1941. The second part focuses on the various marine mammals that roam or sail past Madeira on their way to other destinations.

Sugar Milling Company

Your last stop on this tour is a visit to an old mill to find out everything there is to know about the glorious sugar industry on Madeira. This mill is one of the most important ones on the island and shows you the rich history of sugar and rum making. Try a variety of rum and take some home.

At the end of the tour, your driver guide brings you back to your accommodation or the cruise port.

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