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Our private Bari tours are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and able-bodied travelers. All tours can be adjusted according to your needs and interests, just contact us.

Along the coastline of Bari we have various tours combining the different villages and with optional private guided visits to the surrounding caves, or olive mill including a tasting. Let us know your preference and we will advise accordingly. The itineraries are flexible. For more details about the different options, click the ‘more information’ buttons below!


Castello Svevo Bari

Wheelchair accessible walking tour through Bari – Approx. 4 hours

The perfect way to discover Bari is through this strolling tour with an English speaking guide who meets you directly at the cruise port. Your knowledgeable guide is from the area and will tell you everything about the various sites you see, as well as the hidden gems. A true memorable experience in Bari!

Polignano Italy

Wheelchair accessible Bari and Polignano – Approx. 8 hours

Are you cruising the Adriatic Sea and docking at Bari? Explore this mazelike town together with your officially licensed English speaking guide, who tells you everything about this magical place. Your guide shows you where to go and what to see. A must-do when visiting Bari and Polignano.

trullo alberobello

Wheelchair accessible Alberobello and Polignano – Approx. 5 hours

This tour brings you to the beautiful surroundings of Bari. Once you dock at the cruise terminal, your officially licensed English speaking guide awaits you with a sign with your name on it. With private adapted vehicle, you visit Alberobello and the charming fishing village of Polignano.

monopoli italy

Wheelchair accessible Alberobello and Monopoli tour – Approx. 6 hours

Discover the beauty of Albarello and Monopoli during this tour. The little town of Albarello is about an hour away from Bari, and you will recognize it from far by the iconic whitewashed houses and pointed roofs. After you enjoyed the town of Albarello, your guide will take you on a scenic drive to Monopoli.

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Tours in Bari

Our local officially licensed guide will meet you at the cruise port, or at your accommodation, with a private adapted vehicle. During your tour, she will share more details about ancient and current life in and along the coast of Bari.  Together with her, you will enjoy a very special and accessible tour.

About Bari

Beautiful, historic, sunny, young, atmospheric, Mediterranean… all these words describe what this town has to offer. As the capital of the Puglia region and a student hotspot, Bari is more urban than the nearby cities of Lecce and Brindisi. Bari offers a beautiful opera house, which has recently been restored, and many other impressive buildings that clearly show the prestige of Italy. Bari is a busy port city with ferry routes to Greece, Croatia, and Albania.

If you like grand architecture, Bari will certainly not disappoint you. Take, for example, the basilica in which the remains of Saint Nicholas are kept. Among the Italians, it is known as San Nicolo. At first, the basilica looks huge and intimidating, however as you get closer you will see the beautiful little details in the sculpture, including the animals guarding the doors. Another gem in the city is San Sabino Cathedral. The cathedral is of great value for the remains of Norman decorations. Do not forget to stroll over to the cozy Piazza Mercantile, and enjoy a coffee or lunch break. This square is also a popular meeting place for the locals.