Livorno Canal

Our Livorno tours and shore excursions are for everyone. From wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, to able-bodied travelers. Stop at Michelangelo’s Square for a great overview of Florence. See Michelangelo’s David. Admire the Leaning Tower in Pisa. Enjoy a wine tasting in the Tuscan hills. Relax in charming Lucca. When you wish to visit a site that is not listed here, please contact us, as the itineraries are flexible.


Santa Croce Basilica Florence

Wheelchair Accessible Highlights of Florence Tour – Approx. 9 hours

The tour begins with a drive through the beautiful hills of Tuscany. On your way to Florence, you will pass the typical vineyards and olive groves. While driving through the marvelous landscapes. Your driver will tell you all there is to know about the environment.

Lucca Square

Wheelchair Accessible Florence and Lucca Tour – Approx. 9 hours

This Accessible Florence and Lucca Tour takes you to the cities of Florence and Lucca. During the years the cities have kept their charm. They have great architecture, massive city walls, bell towers, impressive churches, and beautiful squares. Lucca is also the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, one of the famous Italian composers.

Pisa Leaning Tower

Wheelchair Accessible Pisa and Lucca Tour – Approx. 9 hours

The best of both worlds. See the magnificent Miracle’s Square and unwind in the beautiful city of Lucca. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to one of the most beautiful squares in Lucca. Here you find stunning pastel-colored houses. And from every balcony you see flowers.

Florence Bridge View

Wheelchair Accessible Pisa and Florence Tour – Approx. 9 hours

This tour brings you two of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Pisa and Florence. From the Famous Leaning Tower of Pisa to the beautiful scenery in the countryside of Florence.

San Gimignano Italy

Wheelchair Accessible Day trip to Siena and San Gimignano – Approx. 8 – 12 hours

From Livorno this tour lasts 8 hours. If you want to get out of the city for a day and explore the countryside and some cities of Tuscany, then this tour is for you! From beautiful scenery to picturesque villages. For everyone who wants to discover the beautiful surroundings of Rome.

Red wine sunset

Wheelchair Accessible Wine tour in Italy – Approx. 1.5 hours

Wine and Italy have always been a match made in heaven. If you want to get inspired and taste some extraordinary wines, then you will not regret a trip to one of the best wineries in Italy!

Winery in Italy (not the actual winery)

Wheelchair Accessible Balsameria and Winery tour – Approx. 1.5 hours

During this balsameria and winery tour, you immerse yourself in the world of wine during this heavenly wine tour. Discover different places and traditions and learn why Italy is rightfully called: the country of wineWith a small group, you get the chance to taste exquisite wines and delicious balsamic vinegar.

Wine and lunch Tuscany

Authentic Wheelchair Accessible Tuscan Lunch and Wine Tasting – Approx. 1.5 hours

Wine and food lovers, pay attention. We have the perfect tour for you! An authentic Tuscan lunch and wine tasting. Located at the beginning of the beautiful Chianti Valley in Tuscany, there is a vineyard that you want to visit.

Wine Tour with brunch or snacks pooring wine

Wheelchair Accessible Wine tour in the Montechiari region Italy – Approx. 2 hours

Indulge yourself in the world of wine in the beautiful countryside of Italy. Nourish your senses and get pampered during this wine tour where you get to taste five fabulous wines while you enjoy a gorgeous view. Besides this you get a brunch or delicious snacks. 

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Wheelchair Accessible Tours from Livorno

After booking your private and adjustable tour with us. A wheelchair accessible vehicle awaits for you. Most of the tours will start from the cruise port. There your English speaking driver, who is also your guide makes you feel at home instantly. He is from the region and knows all the hidden gems in and around Florence. With him, you will experience the best local attractions and enjoy a very special day.

About Livorno

Also known as Tuscan Venice. Livorno is a charming coastal town and it has what is considered the most important port in Italy.  The city was built under the Medici family and was supposed to be the perfect Renaissance city. It has beautiful canals, strong walls and lays on the waterfront known as Vecchia Darnsena. Livorno is also called Leghorn. This is because Brittain’s connection to the city in the eighteen century. It is considered a cosmopolitan because of its free port and duty-free area. A very liberal city that welcomes whoever wants to visit.

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