Gibraltar located on the south tip of the Iberian Peninsula has m natural, historical and natural attractions to offer, despite the ‘Rock’, as its affectionately known, being relatively small. The Main Town has very flat terrain whilst the rest of the Rock is anything but. The Gorham’s cave complex was appointed as UNESCO world heritage. From the top of this rock, and if the weather is good, you are able to see across the Gibraltar Straits to Africa (the straits are where the southern tip the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean sea). One cannot think of Gibraltar without recalling the monkeys (a protected colony) living in the natural reserve of the Upper Rock.

As well as the stunning nature, cultural and history are ever present and one has to take into account politics due to the long standing dispute between the UK and Spain (who wish to have Gibraltar returned to them after centuries of British rule) about the Rock.

Accessible wheelchair travelling in Gibraltar is best arranged well in advance of your intended dates of travel in order to make your travel experience barrier free and that’s what we at DAT are here to do for you.

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It is essential that you book adapted transport well in advance of any trip you make to Gibraltar. Due to the unique challenges the Rock places on the development of a transport infrastructure adapted accessible vehicles are in limited supply. Those available are fitted with two individual ramps for rear access into the vehicle and may not be suitable for some types of wheelchair.

It is essential that at the time of making an enquiry that you provide us with as much information about your wheelchair as possible.

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Gibraltar, Europa Point
Gibraltar, monkey rock
Gibraltar, Port Queensway Quay Marina


A perfect way to spend a half day once disembarking from your cruise ship is an accessible tour with adapted vehicle to visit the key sites on the Rock*.

Gibraltar Highlights

This half day tour is a driver guided tour through Gibraltar. During the tour you will visit the most important points and sites. Highlights include Europa Point; the famed St. Michael’s Cave (main auditorium); Moorish Castle and the Siege Tunnels.

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We have a portfolio of accessible hotels situated in Gilbraltar from which we can share information*, a description or photos for your reference and review. In case you require assistance in checking the accessibility of a hotel or accommodation of your personal choice, please just reach out to us. We know what questions to ask.
Contact us to reserve your accessible holiday accommodation and have your accessible holiday accommodation guaranteed enabling you to enjoy your holiday relaxed and worry free.

*If not booking through DAT a small fee applies for information services.

Gibraltar accessible hotel
Mobility Equipment Rental, Scooter


Hire your special needs mobility equipment for your holiday abroad and have your rental equipment delivered directly to your adapted hotel room.
We aim to reduce the amount of stress and problems that can be faced in traveling with your own mobility equipment (damage at airports, items lost in transit, etc) and for that purpose we offer a variety of adaptive equipment for hire. We offer a wide range of scooter and wheelchair models for use during your holiday, consult us so we can offer one that meets your needs.
Make the most out of your disabled access holidays and contact us today for trouble free rentals.

*DAT always endeavors to provide equipment that meet our guest’s needs however in some destinations there are limitations as to availability of some items.


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