La douce France, la vie en rose, wheelchair accessible France is the country to unwind and relax with good food and a bottle of wine. It is also one of the top 10 holiday destinations in Europe, and we get why. Once you go to France, it is impossible not to go back later. You have everything there: good food, the sea, rural parts with vineyards or lavender fields, fashion, the city of love Paris, and so much more.


What to see

In the South of France, we offer lots of wheelchair accessible guided tours. Book a tour and explore the cities of Cannes, Marseille, Monaco, Nice, and Paris. Cannes is famous for its global film fest that takes place every year. It attracts the best actors from all over the world. In Marseille, you get to smell and buy their world-famous soap. In the city and microstate of Monaco, you find the richest of the rich on their extravagant boats. And last but not least, you have the beautiful seaside town of Nice

Of course, when visiting France you cannot skip Paris. The capital is packed with things to do. You can, for example, discover the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, the glorious Notre Dame cathedral, and the beautifully illuminated bridges across the river of the Seine. Visit Paris for its history but also its contemporary art. This means you should visit the Louvre, but also to the modern Centre Pompidou cannot be missed. 

About France

The French are known for their excellent wines, their French bakeries with delicious buttery croissants, and much more. Of course, France is much bigger than Paris itself. That is why we recommend a visit to the Bordeaux region which is famous for its wine, enjoy the scenery in the Camargue region with its beautiful nature and wild horses. The country also has a lot of beaches in the North, the West, and the South. Additionally, the country has great mountain peaks as well, and lots of people go skiing to France every year. To summarize, France has so much to offer that our only advice is to go discover it yourself! Just take a look at our accessible tours or contact us if your accessible dream destination is not on here and we will make it work!