Wheelchair accessible Marseille & Toulon Hero

Our private Marseille & Toulon tours are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and able-bodied travelers. All tours are flexible and can be adapted according to your interests and needs, just contact us.

In Marseille and Toulon, you have several tour options. In Marseille, you can do a tour through the old town and see the architectural masterpieces the city offers. From Marseille, you can also go to the little fishers village called Cassis. There you have the option to stroll around and do some holiday shopping. In addition, you can take a boat to see the hanging white cliffs and the beautiful azure blue coves. In Toulon, we also offer a tour. During this tour, you stroll around over the Place de la Liberté and see the Navy Museum. Would you like to go somewhere that is not listed in tours? Let us know and we arrange according to your wishes and requirements.


Amphitheater Arles

Experience Roman times in Arles – Approx. 8 hours

Only from the ports in Marseille and Aix en Provence

Discover the Roman times in Arles and get inspired like a painter. Throughout the tour, you get to discover the best from both worlds. Look for illumination as van Gogh did and marvel at the glorious Roman artifacts.

Aix en Provence St Sauveur Cathedral

Wheelchair Accessible Aix en Provence and Cassis – Approx. 8 hours

Only from the ports in Marseille and Aix en Provence

Visit the former capital of Provence together with us. The birthplace of the famous impressionist Paul Cézanne. You get to see highlights such as St Sauveur Cathedral, which was the residence of the Archbishop of Aix for several years. And the old town Vieil Aixm, which is pedestrian-only.

MuCEM Museum

Visit accessible Marseille and Cassis – Approx. 8 hours

Only from the ports in Marseille and Toulon

After Paris, Marseille is the second-largest city in France. The Greeks founded the old nostalgic harbor from the sixth century. From different points of the city, you have a fantastic view of the sea, for example from Notre Dame de la Garde, the first stop on your tour.

Port Toulon

Visit wheelchair accessible Toulon – Approx. 4 hours

Only from the port in Toulon

Toulon is the capital of the Var department and is a former fishing town. It also has one of the most important military ports in France – the French Mediterranean Fleet has its headquarters here. Toulon is located beautifully along the coast of the Côte d’Azur and offers plenty of things to do.

Tours in Marseille & Toulon

First, book your private and adjustable tour with us. Then a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival in Marseille & Toulon. Your experienced English speaking guide will make you feel at home instantly. He is from the region and knows all the hidden gems in and around Marseille & Toulon. With him, you have a very special day.

About Marseille & Toulon

There is plenty to do in Marseille and Toulon. Marseille is the second city in France, so it is by no means small. Central points are the immense Marseille Saint-Charles station and the old port of Marseille, also known as Le Vieux-Port. The port is beautiful, a real eye-catcher. And as you would expect, really Mediterranean. The colored houses and the beautiful boats in and around the harbor make it a cozy image. Special detail: in 1943, during the Second World War, the harbor was completely destroyed during the Battle of Marseille. The reconstruction started in 1948, under the leadership of Fernand Pouillon.