Bordeaux in France

All our private Bordeaux tours are suitable for wheelchair users, slow walkers, non-disabled travelers, and scooters. If you are a seafood lover, more specifically an oyster lover, Bordeaux is a must-see.

The city offers many interesting sites that are waiting for you to visit. Send us a message if you want to see other places not mentioned in the tour(s) below!


Garonne river Bordeaux

Wheelchair accessible walking/rolling tour in the center of Bordeaux – Approx. 4 hours

Discover the center of Bordeaux with your private guide, and see the main highlights of this beautiful romantic French city. It is also often referred to as the ‘Port of the Moon,’ located on the Garonne River.

Tours in Bordeaux

The tours in Bordeaux start from the city center. In advance, the precise location where you meet your private licensed guide is discussed. From there, he will show you around and tell you all the exciting stories and facts about the sites.

About Bordeaux

Bordeaux is not only all about wine. During the tours, you will hear exciting stories about the 350 historical sites you find in and around the city.

Bordeaux is a favorable village for people who want to try new dishes and experience new flavors. It offers some of the best food in France. Make your mornings enjoyable by starting the day with a chocolatine. Or take a walk at the food market on a Sunday and buy fresh products.

The city center offers a lot of things. Make sure to check out the beautiful river that you can cross. You will see a lot of water in the town. Even the Place de la Bourse is reflected in the world’s largest reflecting pool.