Wheelchair Accessible Paris

Paris is a popular destination for young and old. People fall in love with Paris’ vibrant city life, lovely streets with tons of restaurants and shops. And of course, local delicacies such as a french crepe or a delicious glass of French wine. We offer several flexible tours to different parts of the city. Join us on a private tour through the southern or northern part of the city, ask us about an accessible cruise on the Seine, or visit Versailles or Fontainebleau. The two famous castles just outside of Paris that are an absolute must-visit when in the city.

All our tours are adapted for wheelchair users, and all itineraries are adjustable to your wishes and requirements. They include an English-speaking guide, and if needed, transportation is done by public transportation. Are you ready to discover our tours in Paris and its surroundings?


Eiffel Tower Paris

Wheelchair Accessible Walking tour through Southern Paris – Approx. 6 hours

Feel like a Parisian and mix with locals during this 6 hours tour. At the south of the Seine, you discover the most important highlights. The main one being the famous Eiffel Tower. Other stops include the War Museum where Napoleon’s tomb lies, and Montparnasse Tower. Ask us about the possibility to include a cruise over the Seine where you see other fascinating highlights!

Notre Dame Paris

Wheelchair Accessible Walking tour North of the Seine in Paris – Approx. 6 hours

Enjoy a tour on the north side of the Seine, and go to Sacré Coeur, where you will discover famous sights such as the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Paris City Hall, Notre Dame, and many more. If you want, you can enjoy an inside visit to the Louvre and admire the Mona Lisa.

Petit Trianon Versailles

Wheelchair Accessible tour to Versailles – Approx. 8 hours

The Palace of Versailles is a must-see when you visit Paris, and sometimes incorrectly referred to as a palace. The castle is located about 15 to 20 kilometers from Paris. It is one of the most visited places in France and together with your private English-speaking guide, you will discover why that is.

Gardens of Fontainebleau Castle

Wheelchair Accessible tour to Fontainebleau Castle – Approx. 8 hours

Discover a greater region by train during this eight-hour tour to the Fontainebleau Castle. The famous palace of Fontainebleau used to be the royal castle’s residence during the Middle Ages. An archeological masterpiece and a Unesco World Heritage Site. An absolute must-see when visiting Paris.

Tours in Paris

Your experienced English-speaking guide will make you feel at home instantly. Your guide knows all the hidden gems in and around Paris. With him you will experience the best local attractions and enjoy an extraordinary day.

About Paris

This French metropolis, including its suburbs, has more than 11 million inhabitants, making it one of Europe’s largest cities. The city’s influential position in the financial, economic, political, and cultural fields makes the French capital a so-called Alpha world city, and one of the most important cities in the world. This role is confirmed by the number of tourists who visit the French capital every year. In 2012 there were almost eighty million. Tourism is therefore, an important source of income. Paris also dominates the top 10 most visited sights in Europe. Notre Dame (13.7 million visitors) is in second place in this top ten. Other Parisian highlights in the list are Sacre Coeur (3rd place), the Louvre (4th place), the Eiffel Tower (7th place), and the Palace of Versailles (ninth place).

It is the many historical and cultural highlights that attract tourists to the city. Another important reason is the romance that seems to be inextricably linked to Paris. It is not without reason that one of its nicknames is the “city of love.” The romantic streets with the many terraces “complete” Paris. A stay in the city comes with a somewhat high price tag. This is partly due to the fairly high rates for hotel rooms. However, that does not stop tourists from flocking there. It is therefore, always busy in the center. This is especially noticeable in the smaller streets and around the many sights. If you want to visit the top attractions, it is advisable to buy entrance tickets in advance via the internet.