Accessible City Center Tour of Rome Hero

Highlights of this tour

  • Piazza di Spagna
  • Trinità dei Monti staircase
  • Barcaccia fountain
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Visit of the Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona with the fountain of the Four Rivers

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle for transportation
  • Mild cobblestones
  • Requires little walking/rolling

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • English-speaking private licensed guide
  • Adapted transportation
  • Door to door
  • Pick-up from your accommodation

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
  • A licensed guide can be added on request
Piazza di Spanga Rome
Trevi Fountain Rome
Ceiling Pantheon Rome

About this wheelchair accessible center tour Rome

If you cannot get enough of Roman art and want to be amazed by the charm of the most famous fountains, squares, and churches of Rome, then this is the Accessible Tour of center Rome for you! Your private guide meets you at your accommodation with private accessible vehicle and he will show you around this beautiful city.

You can customize this itinerary! See some suggestions below.

First stop

The first stop on this accessible tour is Piazza di Spagna. Here you find the famous Trinità dei Monti staircase and the Barcaccia fountain. This fountain is a masterpiece created by the talented Gian Lorenzo Bernini. He was very determinative of what the streets in Rome look like nowadays, and he filled the streets and squares of Rome with a large number of baroque fountains.

Second stop

After rolling through some beautiful narrow streets in Rome, you reach the marvelous Trevi Fountain. A symbol of the artistic wonders of the city and the place where you throw your lucky coin into the water. The original legend was that if you drink from the fountain, you return to Rome, the Eternal City, and it also brings good fortune. Nowadays, the legend has evolved into throwing a coin into the water to ensure good fortune and a return trip to Rome.

Third stop

Next, discover the Pantheon with a visit and get to know the secrets of this beautiful construction. This building is proof of Roman architectural talent. The Pantheon (Meaning: Pan: all, Theon: god) used to be a temple in honor of the Roman gods, but now it is a Christian church. The best-preserved ancient monument in Rome. The building has a very harmonious appearance, and it is very precisely calculated symmetry. The ‘Oculus,’ or the hole in the middle of the building, was meant to symbolically connect the temple with the Gods above.

Fourth stop

Accessible Center Tour Rome finishes with a visit to the wonderful and refined Piazza Navona, also called the living room of Rome. Decorated by the spectacular fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. They built the fountain in honor of the power and glory of the pope and his family. The fountain has four statues, and each one represents one of the four major rivers of that time: the Nile, the Ganges, the Danube, and the Rio de la Plata.

Want to see other things from Rome or extend your tour?

You can mix the highlights with the following suggestions:

  • Circo Massimo: ancient Rome’s largest chariot racetrack. So big it could seat a quarter of the population of that time.
  • Bocca Della Verità: the Mouth of Truth. The legend says that all who lie and dare to stick their hand in the mouth will lose it.
  • Tempio di Vesta: dedicated to Vesta, the popular goddess of home, hearth, and family. A beautiful temple on the Forum
  • Altare Della Patria: a colossal monument dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of Italy after the country’s unification.
  • Piazza del Popolo: it literally means ‘people’s square’ and is the starting point for the road to Rimini.
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