wheelchair accessible granada and albacain tour

Highlights of this tour

  • Outside visits:
  • Plaza Nueva
  • Madraza (Madrasah)
  • Royal Chapel
  • Cathedral
  • Bib-Rambla Square
  • Alcaicería
  • Corral del Carbón
  • Isabella I of Castile and Christopher Columbus
  • Carrera del Darro
  • Salvador Church
  • San Nicolas Viewpoint
  • Main Mosque
  • Arco de las Pesas
  • Plaza Larga

Accessibility Information

  • Use of adapted vehicle for transport in the Albaicín area
  • Involves walking/rolling between the sites
  • Terrain can be cobblestoned and uneven

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • Officially licensed English-speaking guide
  • Adapted vehicle needed for the Albaicin area
  • Pick up at your accommodation in the center of Granada
  • Tour adjustable to your wishes

What is not included?

Albacain Granada
architecture granada
Granada view

About this wheelchair accessible Granada Center and Albaicín tour

During this accessible Granada Center and Albaicín tour, you visit the highlights in the characteristic Albaicín district as well as in the rest of the city. The Albaicín is the old Arabic district of Granada, with many winding streets and small squares.

You meet your officially licensed guide at Plaza Nueva, or he can meet you at your accommodation, depending on where this is located. The Plaza Nueva is a historic square in the center of the city, located between the modern center and Carrera del Darro. From here, you walk/roll towards the Madraza.


The Madraza used to be a mosque school in the heart of the city. The glorious building has a white marble entrance, and the façade is decorated with inscriptions of poetry and philosophy. Not to forget, the building has a pool in the middle.  It is an 18th-century building with elements from the 14th century. The remains and historical aspects of the building are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Granada. Currently, the Madraza is part of the University of Granada.

Royal Chapel

You continue to the Royal Chapel and the Cathedral of Granada. The Royal Chapel is an Isabella style building, and the burial place of Queen Isabella and other Monarchs. Moreover, you find a gallery with artworks associated with Queen Isabella. Nearby the Chapel, you find the Cathedral of Granada, which has beautifully decorated facades, many chapels with different styles, and a stunning interior with an immense altar.

Bib-Rambla square

Next is the Bib-Rambla square, a bustling square with a fountain in the middle. Around the square, you find a lot of restaurants, shops, and stands. Perfect for a coffee and take in your surroundings.

Alcaicería market

Near Bib-Rambla, you find another popular tourist location, the 15th-century Alcaiceía market. The Alcaicería is a large bazaar and formerly silk market of Granada. The market consists of narrow Streets, full of colorful shops where you can buy souvenirs and exotic items. Furthermore, you see Corral del Carbón and Isabelle I of Castile and Christopher Columbus.

Carrera del Darro

Your Granada Center and Albaicín tour continues with a visit to one of the oldest and most picturesque streets of Granada, Carrera del Darro, along the left bank of River Darro. While walking/rolling through this 17th-century street (cobblestones!), you find historic buildings, churches, stone bridges, Arabic houses, and also stunning views.

Salvador Church

The next stop of your tour is the Salvador Church, located at the site of the former main Albaicín mosque. One of the most remarkable features of this church is the Mudejar ceiling inside. Another exciting element is the inner courtyard, which used to be part of the original mosque.

San Nicolas Viewpoint

Your tour continues for a viewing of the Alhambra from the San Nicolas Viewpoint.  This place is the most popular viewpoint for the classic sunset shots of the Alhambra. The Mosque of Granada has three main elements. The serene gardens with adorable views, the prayer hall (the mosque itself), and the Centre for Islamic Studies.

The last stop is at Arco de las Pesas, one of the first gates in the walls of the old fortress, which separated the Albaicín from the Alcazaba Qadima (Old) district. From here, you return to plaza Larga where your city tour ends.


The Albaicín area is not wheelchair accessible as there are many steps to get there, and it is very hilly. We will make use of the adapted vehicle to explore the Albaicín barrio.

Adapted vehicle Granada

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