Barcelona Adapted Bathroom incl roll in shower

Reserving an accessible room

Barcelona, 24 october 2017 “…It goes without saying you’ll be looking for somewhere to stay and in Barcelona you are pretty much spoilt for choice at the upper end of the market, ie 4 star hotels, most of which have at …
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Barcelona, Tapas Menu

Eating out in Barcelona

21 november 2016 Eating out in Barcelona is a journey of delights with a fabulous diversity of Catalan, Basque and Spanish dishes available in the plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants that exist in the city. Look in particular for …
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European Union, Flag

EU 1177/2010 Dec 2012

Along the Cistercian Route we take a trip to the charm of the Cistercian monasteries that link the three counties of La Conca de Barberà
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Barcelona Metro Map TMB

Barcelona metro services

La Albufera National Park still holds centenarian traditions for fishing and sailing which only take place there, and it is one of
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