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Due to the lack of available adapted vehicles, we unfortunately currently only offer services for people that can transfer into a standard vehicle. We can store the foldable wheelchair and/or scooter in the trunk. This is the only way we can guarantee service delivery, and quality of the tour.

Our private tours and shore excursions are suitable for wheelchair users, slow walkers, and non-disabled travelers. All our tours are flexible and adaptable according to your preferences. We make sure you have the perfect way to spend your time in accessible Gibraltar.

On Gibraltar, you have the option between two tours. Both tours include a private driver-guide who brings you to the most beautiful places. The Rock Tour brings you to the Pillars of Hercules, the Apes Den, the St. Michael’s Cave and the Great Siege Tunnels. When choosing the Extended Rock Tour, you visit all these places, but also the 100 Ton Gun, the Europa Point, and the Moorish Castle.


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Wheelchair Accessible Rock Tour Gibraltar – Approx. 1h30 hours

Gibraltar has a lot to offer. During this driver guided tour, you discover the most impressive places in the area. The sights you visit during this tour are the Pillars of Hercules, the Apes Den, the St. Michael’s Cave, and the Great Siege Tunnels.

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Extended Wheelchair Accessible Rock Tour Gibraltar – Approx. 3 hours

This tour is a driver guided tour through Gibraltar. During this tour, you visit the most important points and sights. Important highlights include the Pillars of Hercules, the Apes Den, the 100 Ton Gun, Europa Point, the St. Michael’s Cave, Moorish Castle, and the Great Siege Tunnels.

Tours in Gibraltar

Your driver-guide picks you up at the Gibraltar cruise port or your accommodation and brings you back at the end of the tour. Your driver-guide makes you feel at home right away and helps you in any way he can. Together, you discover the most beautiful places on the peninsula of Gibraltar.

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory in the southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1713, at the Treaty of Utrecht, the peninsula fell in British hands. The official language of the area is English and you do not eat tapas, but fish & chips. To get to Gibraltar, you physically cross a border, where you have a good chance of passport control. Furthermore, you find a small airport in this overseas area. The main road must be closed so that airplanes can land. The main attraction is the Rock of Gibraltar, from where you can see Africa on a clear day and where monkeys surround you.