Discover the country known for rugby, cricket, Stonehenge, Shakespeare, Harry Potter, the Beatles, and so much more! Wheelchair accessible United Kingdom offers something for everyone and will allow you to have a wonderful holiday.


What to see

Wheelchair accessible United Kingdom offers extremely beautiful nature, cities full of history, and wonderful people. Visit Devon, Gibraltar, and London and experience completely different aspects of the United Kingdom. Devon is known for its beautiful landscape and cozy streets. Gibraltar, on the other hand, is known for its monkeys, the 100 Ton Gun, Europa Point, the St. Michael’s Cave, Moorish Castle, the Great Siege Tunnels, and much more. In London, you discover all the famous sights the city offers like the London Eye, London Bridge, Harry Potter film locations, Buckingham Palace, and more.

About the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country in Europe that consists of the island of Great Britain, which includes England, Scotland and Wales, and Northern Ireland. The capital of the United Kingdom is London. Several major cities in the UK are Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, and Leeds. Since January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union.

The UK is known for many different things. Think of typical English pubs, double-decker buses, red telephone boxes, tea, English breakfast, King Arthur, and the royal family. The variety of landscapes of the United Kingdom is known for its many green high landscapes and rocky beaches. Some well-known structures are the Stonehenge, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace with the famous guards, and Big Ben.

English is the official language in the United Kingdom, although many other languages are spoken as well in London. The official currency used in the United Kingdom is the British Pound. It is common to tip 10% at hotels and restaurants. However, often, this is already calculated into the bill.