Highlights of this tour

  • Lucerne city tour
  • Revolving gondola round with 360-degree views
  • TITLIS Cliff Walk
  • Glacier Cave
  • Ice Flyer chairlift

Accessibility information

  • Use of adapted vehicle to transfer between the sights.
  • Lucerne is car-free, the center can be cobbled.
  • All Titlis stations have a lift.
  • For the Glacier Cave, a member of the staff will need to be notified.

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 8 hours
  • Door to door
  • Private adapted vehicle
  • English speaking local driver-guide
  • Flexible itinerary
  • Entrances, a CHF 100 pp (pending changes)

What is not included?

  • Gratuities
  • Food and drinks
  • Some areas in Mt Titlis have picture-taking restrictions. Payment may be required, eg for the folklore clothing.

About the Wheelchair Accessible Titlis Tour

Your local driver-guide will meet you at your accommodation, and together you head towards Engelberg, where the mountain of Titlis is. However, before enjoying the mountain views, your first stop in Lucerne is on the way.


Lucerne is located beside Lake Lucerne, with mountain landscapes all around. You can not miss Mount Pilatus, which peaks at 2128 meters. Pilatus carries the nickname ‘Dragon Mountain,’ following a medieval legend.

The city of Lucerne is filled with charming historic streets, squares, various towers that served the city’s defense, and wooden bridges with paintings on the ceiling. The highlight of the colorful Old Town, and Lucerne’s emblem, is Chapel Bridge, the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge from the 14th century. Other city highlights are the Musegg Wall, the city defense from the end of the 14th century, and the medieval Romanesque basilica Hofkirche. The Old Town of Lucerne is car-free, and the center can be cobbled.

Mount Titlis

From Lucerne, you go towards Mount Titlis. The mountain is 3239 above sea level, and it is one of the highest mountain peaks in Switzerland, which makes it a top-rated destination for a day trip.

Revolving gondola

You reach Mount Titlis from Engelberg, a small mountain resort. From there, you take the revolving gondola to Stand, and onwards a cable car to Mt Titlis. The gondola slowly turns when going up, allowing idyllic 360-degree views of the area with steep rocks and snow-covered mountain peaks. 

When you reach the top, there are various viewing points to enjoy the spectacular views. On the top floor of the mountain station, you find the viewing platform from which you have views of the mountain top itself. Also, the Ice Flyer chairlift gives a great outlook, but the highlight is the view from the TITLIS Cliff Walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe, 500 meters from the ground.

Glacier Cave

Besides the beautiful viewing point, the mountain offers other activities such as the Glacier Cave. This is a 150-meter long ice tunnel located under the glacier. The ice is about 5000 years old, and the temperature inside is about -1.5 Celcius. The tunnel can be slippery, though, and warm clothes are necessary.

The driver guide will accompany you to the top to ensure a comfortable and relaxing visit. At the end of the day, and after many picture moments, your driver guide will take you back to Zurich again.

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