La Seu Palma de Mallorca
Soller tram
Soller church


Highlights of this tour

  • Cathedral ‘La Seu’ in Palma
  • Palace de l’Almudaina
  • Bellver Castle
  • Town hall with 800-year-old olive tree
  • Town center of Soller
  • Church of Sant Bartomeu

First stop

This accessible visit to Palma and Soller starts with your driver and tourist assistant picking you up from the cruise port or accommodation. First up on this tour is a relaxing stroll around Palma, the capital of the island. This splendid city has a lot of sights full of history and architecture. You will explore its different highlights on this tour. You see the influences of both Moorish and European eras and receive fascinating background information. The Gothic cathedral, La Seu, dominates the entire city. You will discover that most of the main sites are within the area inside the old city walls so you do not have to roll too far.

The Old City is a popular starting point for the rolling tour. When you visit the cathedral and the Palace of l’Almudaina, you will have a scenic view over the harbor of Palma. Enjoy the sights and take beautiful panoramic pictures! High above the town, you have the Bellver Castle. It is a Gothic style castle that dates back to the 14th century. It was originally built for King James II of Mallorca. This is the only round castle in Spain, so enjoy visiting and photographing this unique pearl! The last thing to visit in Palma is the Town Hall. Over there, you can discover the famous 800 years old olive tree and the King’s Gardens.

Second stop

After the visit to Palma, you continue your tour to Soller. Soller is located in a valley of orange groves between the mountains and the ocean. The trip starts in the town square. There, you can explore the many tapas bars and a fine selection of pastry-shops. Soller is also a paradise for those who love ice cream and freshly squeezed orange juice. Oranges are very typical in the town of Soller. Because of that fact, the fruit is very present in the cuisine. You will find and taste the best of the best in this area. The impressive church of Sant Bartomeu dates back to the 13th century and is not wheelchair accessible. The church dominates the town square with its presence. At the end of the tour, your driver brings you back to the cruise port or accommodation.

*Ask about the possibilities regarding this tour when booking it from your hotel in Mallorca.


All these accessible sports experiences consist of a theoretical part and then the sport itself. You are always accompanied by a professional instructor who will show you the ropes. Before doing each sport, there is a little test to see if there are no obstacles.

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