wheelchair accessible artabra coast Galicia

Highlights of this tour

  • Cedeira
  • San Andres de Teixido
  • Vixia Herbeira
  • Ortigueira
  • La Coruña

Accessibility information

  • Transportation between the sites

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Private guide
  • Private adapted transport for pick up and drop off

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances
artabra coast
Torre de Hercules
La coruna view

About this wheelchair accessible Artabra coast tour

Your accessible Artabra Coast tour starts when your private guide picks you up from the cruise port of La Coruña with wheelchair accessible transport. During this Coastal Tour between La Coruña and Ortigueira, you learn more about the Celtic roots of Galicia. This area is known as the land of Breogán, the son of Brath, known to be the king of the region before the arrival of the Romans. Breogán is considered to be the founder of La Coruña and is known for building the original Tower of Hercules, the oldest surviving lighthouse in the world. At the end of the day, your driver brings you back to the cruise port.

Please note: Most of the tour can be done from the bus, and the trip requires only a few minutes at each stop. Some of the roads pass through the windy territory, so this would not be appropriate for someone who gets car sick quickly.


The small harbor village of Cedeira is situated in the northern part of the province of La Coruña. Many people consider it as one of the most beautiful towns of Spain with its beautiful beaches of Vilarrube. The main attraction in the village is the Plaza Roja or Praza Roxa. The square is named after the typical red color you find here. Most of the village’s restaurants and bars are in this square.

San Andres de Teixido

San Andrés de Teixido is a pilgrimage site, dedicated to Saint Andrew. Here, according to the saying “vai de morto quen non foi de vivo,” those who do not visit while they are alive, will visit in another form once they are dead. In the same region, you find the spectacular lighthouse of Vixia Herbeira on a 600 meter high cliffs, the tallest in Europe. When visiting Galicia, these places are something you can not miss.


Ortigueira is famous for its breathtaking scenery that brings together mountains, rivers, the sea, etc. The area is an imposing natural spectacle. Discover the different parts of the city and Calle Real, which is lined with elegant buildings with wrought-iron balconies and handsome buildings such as the municipal library and the 16th-century monastery complex. At the harbor, you can enjoy a seafood meal.

La Coruña

If the departure time of the cruise allows it, you go for a panoramic visit of the “City of Cristal,” including a stop at the Tower of Hercules and the Maria Pita Square. These are some of the most famous sights of the city of La Coruna and worth a visit.

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