Stavanger Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Swords in stone Stavanger
Old Town Stavanger


This day is a combined rolling/walking and transport tour.

Highlights of this tour:

  • Museum of Archaeology
  • Norwegian Petroleum Museum
  • Old Stavanger
  • Sverd I Fjell (Swords in the Rock)

First stop

In the Old Town of Stavanger, you will hear all about the history of the city by your local guide. You learn about the Vikings heritage and how they conquered these lands. The guide will also tell you a bit more about how Stavanger became an important oil city. Stavanger’s old center has breathtaking and some of the best preserved wooden buildings in Norway. Many of them date back to the 18th century. So, get lost in the cozy streets of this beautiful Norwegian coastal town.

Second stop

See the monument of Sverd I Fjell (Swords in the Rock) in honor of the battle in Hafrsfjord where the Viking king Harald Fairhair had gathered Norway into one kingdom in 872. In reality, the process of unification took probably more than a hundred years. The legend of this battle is so popular that there are other monuments that remember this fight for peace and unification. The swords are over 30 feet tall and are made to resemble traditional Viking sabers. The biggest one is decorated the most extravagant and represents the victory of King Harald.

Third stop

Continue to the Museum of Archaeology to see the Viking Voyagers exhibition. The exhibition has the goal to teach you about the pre-historic man and the interaction between mankind and nature. You will get to see a lot of artifacts, how the Vikings looked, and so much more.

Fourth stop

Afterward, your tour focuses on Stavanger’s modern history by visiting the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Hear about Norway’s oil history and how Stavanger became the oil capital of the country. Norway’s largest oil company, Statoil, is based here.