Wheelchair Accessible Tour Vatican Museums and Sistene Chapel


Explore the Vatican Museums. Walk through the Tapestries and Geographical Maps Galleries, the Candelabra Gallery and the Raphael Rooms that lead to the 15th century Sistine Chapel which holds an invaluable collection of masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s ceiling painting of the “Creation of the World”. We can arrange skip the line tickets, as well as a two or three hour private guided tour.

Both the Vatican entrance as well as the entrance to the Sistene chapel is by means of a ramp, which is fairly steep.

For wheelchair and scooter users, the visiting route inside the Vatican is slightly different from the normal path that tourists take.

In case you wish to include a visit the St. Peters Basilica, you will be directed by to the entrance of the museums, as the connection between the Sistene Chapel and the Basilica is a long staircase. Your driver will take you back towards the Piazza s. Pietro to enter the St Peter’s Basilica, with skip the line.

To allow time to include a visit to St Peter’s Basilica, the guided tour will need to be booked for three hours.

Vatican Museum and Sistene Chapel Private Guided Wheelchair Accessible Tour
Private Guided Wheelchair Accessible Tour Vatican Museums Rome


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