Balearic Islands, Mallorca Waterfront
Accessible sailboats on the water
Accessible sailing cathedral in background


Highlights of this tour

  • Accessible sailing
  • Beautiful sea views
  • Accessibility assistance
  • Instructor

Accessible sailing experience

Have you ever admired the Cathedral of Palma from the sea? It is a wonderful sight and now is your chance to experience this combined with sailing. After all, there is nothing more freeing than sailing through the water, the wind in your hair, and the horizon in the distance. This accessible sailing experience will take place both ashore and at sea. The introduction to sailing includes theoretical and practical classes. Firstly, you will practice the technique in the harbor of Palma on a boat. Secondly, when you are ready, you take the boat out to sea and practice your newfound skills and knowledge.

The boats you will practice in are singlehanded boats or larger boats, and they are all completely adapted. The boats have a counterweight at the end of the keel for greater stability. The introduction to sailing will take place in the port of Palma and will last approximately 2 hours. There will always be a qualified monitor present on board that attends to all the needs of the participants.


Before starting, there will be a form that needs to be signed and you will have to pass a simple test to see if there are no obstacles. Safety above all!

Benefits of sailing

Did you know that Mallorca is an accessible sports paradise? Sailing is not the only thing you can do on this idyllic island. You can also go golfing, sailing on land, scuba diving, kayaking, and water skiing. Therefore, the island is very beloved by the disabled visitor. But let us focus on sailing for now. There are actually a lot of benefits that accompany the sport. For example, it is a very mind-calming experience and reliefs stress. Furthermore, it improves your muscle strength and flexibility. To top things off, it is a sort of cardiovascular training so it is good for your overall health. Ready? Set. Sail!