Old Town Stavanger
Stavanger cathedral
Stavanger Maritime Museum Norway


This accessible sightseeing tour of Stavanger is a rolling/walking tour so no transport is included.

Highlights of this tour:

  • Stavanger Cathedral
  • Old Stavanger
  • Stavanger Maritime Museum
  • Norwegian Canning Museum

First stop

You can find the Cathedral of Stavanger in the Old Town and this will be your first stop. This Cathedral is one of Norway’s best-kept cathedrals and is located not far from the harbor. The church was built in Anglo-Norman style, probably by English artisans in 1125. But then a fire damaged the church in 1272 and then they rebuilt it in a Gothic style. The Cathedral also has beautiful stained glass windows and a wall carpet. Go and see the mix of styles for yourself!

Second stop

Stavanger has a lot of museums and we picked out the best for you. You will start off with a visit to the Stavanger Maritime Museum. Explore all the exhibitions the museum has to offer. For example, you can see the original office of a shipping company with its inventory on a boat. ‘From herring to oil’, is an exhibition that explains the maritime history of Stavanger. There are interactive things for kids to do and sometimes there are fishing competitions. Not your average museum it seems!

Third stop

The Norwegian Canning Museum is your third and final stop of the accessible rolling tour. It is located in an authentic cannery which was up and running from 1916 until 1958. Before, the building was used as a storage facility for canner John Braadland. In the museum, you can witness how they canned sprats and fishballs. You will also get an impression of what the working environment of the factory was like. On the first floor, you can see a display of sardine can labels, known locally as “iddisar”. Next to the museum, there is a cafe in one of the original worker’s cottages. There you can enjoy a coffee break and see how the locals were dressed at that time. Take some time to discover some local specialties at the cafe.