Accessible Bergen

All our wheelchair-accessible Bergen tours are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and non-disabled travelers. Bergen is a historical city waiting to tell its amusing story to visitors.

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Bergen Norway

Historical walking/rolling tour in Bergen, Norway – Approx. 2 hours

This 2-hour tour in Bergen allows you to visit the main areas and sites while your guide explains its fascinating background story. Enjoy walking/rolling around, and take in the history of this beautiful city.

Tours in Bergen

Since Bergen is surrounded by water, the tour will probably start from the cruise port. During the tours, you will be accompanied by your English-speaking driver guide or your officially licensed guide. She will delight you with all the crucial details when explaining the history of a specific place or building. All you need to do is enjoy, relax, and immerse yourself in Norwegian history.

About Bergen

Besides its rich history, Bergen is surrounded by beautiful nature and seven mountains that you can reach easily. It is the second-largest city in Norway and serves as a portal to many fascinating fjords that Norway is known for.

When visiting the city during the winter or summer, you will experience something that does not happen everywhere. During the summer, you can be outside at midnight and have the feeling that it is only late afternoon. The sun sets at midnight and rises again around 4 am. In winter, it is the total opposite. The sun rises at 9 am and sets around 3 pm.