Scenic wheelchair accessible rolling tour of Åndalsnes

Highlights of this tour

  • Tog Kapellet (train chapel)
  • Tindesenteret
  • Sakariasgata: Garden Nes
  • Svenskehusene
  • Storgata
  • Romsdalsfjorden
  • Kamsodden:
  • Badestrand
  • Småbåthavn

Accessibility information

  • Step-free route
  • Walking/rolling tour

What is included?

  • Private tour
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • Private licensed guide
  • Adapted vehicle
  • Pick up from the cruise port or city center accommodation

What is not included?

  • Food and drinks
  • Tips
  • Entrance unless stated
Train in Åndalsnes
Paths surrounded by trees and mountains in Åndalsnes
White mountain tops in Åndalsnes

About this scenic wheelchair accessible rolling tour of Åndalsnes

During this walking/rolling tour in the center of Åndalsnes, you get to see many unique places. They all have their own charms that make them unique. The guide will meet you at the cruise port or your city center accommodation. From there, your exciting tour starts.


While rolling around and appreciating the views, you pass places with a vibrant history. Sakariasgata is one of those places. The town center of Åndalsnes was severely destroyed back in 1940 because of World War II. That means you will see a lot of post-war architecture on this tour. Some buildings have even stayed intact after the World War.

Your guide will take you to see the train Chapel (outside) and the Norwegian mountaineering center, or ’Tindesenteret’.  At the end of Sakariasgata, you will find Garden Nes. It is a farm located next to the water, which offers picturesque views. It is also one of the farms that gave Andalsnes its name.


On this tour, you will also pass Kamsveien. The buildings you see in this area are the so-called ‘Swedish houses’. Rolling through this place will bring you back to the old times because of the fascinating architecture.


On your way to Kamsodden you will pass Storgata and get the opportunity to enjoy strolling along the Romsdalfjord. Kamsodden is a state-safe area where you can find paths around and up to the headland. The accessible path leads to a recreation area and play ground. Kamsodden also has a marina and bathing area where the locals can relax during the summer.

On the way to the headland, you will see remains from the Viking ages. Something known in their time was the burial mounds. These are artificial hills made up of earth and stones placed above graves. The mounds were mostly used to bury prominent and royalty members of the aristocracy.

When reaching the top of the headland you have an outspread view over Romsdalsfjorden, Romsdalseggen, Vengetindene, Romsdalshorn, and the industrial area on Øran. If you love seeing a 360° view, then this place will be the highlight of your day.


At the end of the tour, you walk/roll back to the cruise port with your guide.

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