Travel with us to beautiful wheelchair-accessible Turkey. A country located in Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. The difference between the two continents is noticeable in a peculiar way. It is a must-see country for young and old, with many seeing’s and places to explore. Turkey is also surrounded by four seas: Marmara, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.


What to see

Besides being surrounded by four seas, there are many historical sites to visit. The mosques are at the top of the list with their beautiful structures and designs. The well-known mosque that stands on number one is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The blue tones on the tops of the pillars and domes blend in beautifully with the sky. When inside, you have the feeling that you are walking in the open air, just by how blue the ceiling and stained glass is.

Are you interested in the past of Turkey? There is a lot of history going on in the country. You can learn more about ancient cultures, wars, objects,… If the latter word caught your attention, the Archeological Museum in Ephesus might be something for you.

About Turkey

Turkey is an enjoyable country to visit in any season. The biggest part of the country lies in a subtropical zone. The winters can be fresh, but the summer is warm and sunny.

The official language in Turkey is Turkish. Turkey is a country that mostly watches Turkish series and movies, so there is less contact with the English language. Trying to have a conversation in English might be challenging as they do not learn conversational English at school.

As Turkey is not part of the European Union, it has its own currency: the Lira. Even if you are more comfortable with Euros, we recommend exchanging your money for Lira. Sellers tend to ask for more when they know you are paying with Euros.

Something you see all over the country is kebab shops. Turkey is very known for its favorite dish called ‘pita.’ It is very internationalized worldwide, so you might already know what it is and how delicious it tastes.