Our private Istanbul tours are suitable for wheelchair users and people on foot. We provide a driver and private licensed guide to take you around the city. Throughout the tours, you will see both historic sites and beautiful views.

For more information about the tours and what you will see in each tour, click on the ‘more information’ buttons below! If you want to see sites not mentioned in the tours on this page, please contact us for options and possibilities.


Wheelchair Accessible Istanbul by Night tour – Approx 4 hours

During this accessible evening tour you see the transformation of Istanbul after the sun has set and the night falls. Admire the Old Town with its picturesque sights by moonlight, and experience the unique atmosphere of Istanbul after dark in the comfort of your adapted vehicle.

Blue Mosque Istanbul

Wheelchair accessible Highlights of Istanbul tour – Approx. 8 hours

During this accessible tour, you experience the main highlights that Istanbul has to offer. Including the Hagia Sofia, Basilica Cistern, the Grand Bazaar, and more. Enjoy this mystical and historic city, together with your licensed guide and private adapted transport.

Tours in Istanbul

Not only is the country exceptional during day time, but it is also breathtaking at night. We give you the option to discover the city both ways. It allows you to see two different perspectives of beauty.

The driver will take you around the city with a private adapted vehicle. Our private licensed guide will tell you more about Istanbul, teaching you everything you need to know. Sit back, relax and let your guide take care of all the details.

About Istanbul

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey, with 15 million inhabitants. It is bordered by three of the four seas surrounding the country. The city has the biggest port in Turkey that connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. Istanbul is known for its remarkable mosques, rich history, and more. The city’s beautiful historical sites have wonderful stories to tell.

Istanbul is not only all about impressive historical sites, but the food is also exquisite. The Turkish kitchen offers a wide variety of foods, from a delicious savory ‘Kebab’ to mouthwatering sweets like ‘Baklava’ and more.