accessible 4x4 superfour
sierra tramuntana mountain mallorca
accessible vehicles in the mountains


Highlights of this tour

  • Accessible 4×4 Superfour
  • Accessibility assistance
  • Instructor
  • Theoretical and practical lessons

Accessible 4×4 Superfour

Enjoy the beautiful nature of the Tramuntana Mountains on this accessible 4×4 Superfour tour! The mountain area was declared an area of special historic interest by the UNESCO, so definitely worth a visit. And what better way to visit the mountains than in these specially adapted vehicles. On this tour, you will get an introduction to the use of the 4×4 Superfour devices.

Accessibility routes

For those with a physical disability, we offer a Superfour electric vehicle called the Otto Bock. It can be controlled by just one joystick. So, it is very easy to steer around. The route can be adjusted according to the disability. There are several routes and they will see which one is the best for the participants. Take the Superfour vehicles off-road and drive up the mountains. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and green, and especially enjoy the Mediterranean climate! If you are lucky, you might even spot some animals.


Before starting, there will be a form that you have to fill in and you will have to pass a simple test to see if there are no barriers. Safety above all!

About 4×4 Superfour

The 4×4 Superfour is a kind of super-(look at the name)-wheelchair. The vehicle can handle every kind of surface, so it is ideal to climb a mountain! Also, did you know that Mallorca is an accessible sports paradise? Driving these power wagons is not the only thing you can do on this idyllic island. You can also go golfing, sailing, sailing on land, kayaking, water skiing, and scuba diving. Therefore, the island is very beloved by the disabled visitor.