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All our private tours and shore excursions are suitable for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and non-disabled travelers. Discover the beautiful nature in Kerala during this wheelchair accessible tour. The tour takes you from the most impressive green areas to the backwaters that you discover by houseboat. Would you like to know more about this magical place? Feel free to contact us!


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Flexible Wheelchair Accessible Kerala Tour – 11 days

This wheelchair accessible tour takes you on an 11-day trip to the area of Kerala. You discover the wonderful nature and fantastic culture of India during this wheelchair accessible tour. This is a flexible tour, which means you decide the specifics of the itinerary. Depending on budget, needs, preferences, and more, we design your perfect vacation.

Tours in Kerala

A tour in Kerala takes around eleven days. The highlight of your visit is the extraordinary nature you find everywhere. Besides that, you spend some time on a houseboat, visit a fortress, and get an introduction to spices. This tour is flexible. That means you can decide what you do, where, how, etc. Depending on your time, budget, needs, and preferences, we develop a trip for you. Click on the tours for more information or contact us.

About Kerala

Kerala is, without a doubt, one of the most relaxed states of India. Far away from the chaos of the big cities, life here is slower than elsewhere else in India. However, Kerala has been one of the most developed regions of India for decades with a high life expectancy and a high literacy rate. A trip to Kerala means mainly enjoying nature. You find soft green rice fields, white beaches, rippling backwaters, elegant houseboats, colonial trading towns, and more. In the hills, you find extensive tea and spice plantations, as well as some wildlife parks where elephants are still abundant. Besides that, Kerala mixes Christian, Hindu, and Arab influences into a whole. As the center of the spice trade, it was influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, and British seafarers for centuries. During your trip to Kerala, you find their influences everywhere.