Wheelchair accessible Warnemünde

Wheelchair accessible Warnemünde is a popular cruise destination in Germany. From this coastal town, you have the option to take an accessible tour to Berlin, the capital of Germany, and a must-see when docking in this northern city. Explore the city, find out about its rich history, see left-overs of the infamous Berlin Wall and tons of other memorable monuments.

Our tours of Berlin are accessible for wheelchair users, scooter users, slow walkers, and other travelers and fully customizable to your wishes. Your driver will wait for you upon arrival with private adapted vehicle. He brings you to Berlin, where you meet your private guide for your customizable tour to explore this extraordinary destination.

Learn everything there is to know about Berlin, get drawn back in time and discover its history, or go on a short shopping spree. In Berlin, there is something to do for everyone.


Berlin Wall

Wheelchair Accessible tour to Berlin from Warnemünde – Approx. 12 hours

Enjoy a wheelchair accessible private shore excursion from Warnemünde to Berlin. The tour duration will be a total of 12 hours, from which you spend approx six hours in the city. After a scenic drive through northern Germany’s hilly landscapes with its hundreds of lakes, you arrive to Berlin. Here you will see the most important highlights of the capital of Germany.

Tours from Warnemünde

An adapted vehicle picks you up from the cruise port. Together with your private guide, you discover the gems of the beautiful city of Berlin. Discover the old city with its rich history, or take a boat ride over the main canal that runs through the city. Tell us about your wishes and preferences so that we can create the perfect tour for you.

About Warnemünde

Hanseatic city of Rostock, from which Warnemünde is a part, was granted city rights in the 13th century and has been a trade hub, learning and shipbuilding on the Baltic Sea ever since. Bombs hit the city in 1942, but much of its heritage was spared, such as the medieval riches of the brick-Gothic Marienkirche, renaissance merchant houses, and a long strip of defensive walls dating back to the 13th century. Rostock is also a town with its own seaside resort. Warnemünde at the mouth of the Warnow has a white sandy beach of 15 kilometers long where everyone, from toddlers to water sports enthusiasts, will be delighted with what is in store. Try to time your trip in mid-August for the Hanse Sail festival, when tall ships will take you back to Rostock’s Hanseatic city.