Wheelchair accessible Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a popular destination for young and old. Discover this beautiful city together with your guide by public transport or by adapted taxi. From the cruise port, you will stroll through the city and discover all the stories Copenhagen has to offer. From ancient tales of Norse mythology to fairytales from Hans Christian Anderson. There is something to get inspired by for everyone. Enjoy views from the most expensive opera houses in the world and discover the bustling harbor area full of exquisite restaurants and lovely bars.


Little Mermaid Statue Copenhagen

Wheelchair Accessible Copenhagen Express tour – Approx. 4 hours

During this half-day tour, you will find out all there is to know about Copenhagen’s stunning city. A must-do when docking in Denmark’s capital. You get to see the most expensive opera house ever built and discover the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, known for The Little Mermaid.

Tours in Copenhagen

Unless you want to do a tour by public transport, a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be waiting for you upon arrival. Once you have found your experienced English-speaking, you will feel at home instantly. Your guide knows all the hidden gems in and around the city. Together with your guide, you will experience the best local attractions and enjoy a very special day.

About Copenhagen

Copenhagen (in Danish: København) is the capital of Denmark and is located in the east of the country in the region of Zealand (Sjælland). With about half a million inhabitants, about a tenth of all Danes live in the capital. The city is therefore the economic center of Denmark. Anyone visiting Denmark’s capital will notice that for a relatively large city the city is not as busy and chaotic as you would expect. The atmosphere is mostly quite relaxed, sometimes almost a village. The charm of Copenhagen lies mainly in the people and the combination of beautiful streets with a mixture of old half-timbered houses, stately shops, beautiful old buildings, and modern architecture. The parks and water complete the city.