Located in Central Europe, Austria has so much to offer. One day you are enjoying the majestic mountain landscapes, the next you are entertained by a Waltz at one of the imperial palaces in Vienna. Did you know this famous dance was added to the UNESCO list of “intangible cultural heritage traditions” in 2010?


What to see

You should not miss a visit to the Capital City of Vienna during your exciting wheelchair accessible vacation to Austria. This city is packed with historical sights such as the stunning Schönbrunn Palace, which is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs. St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Built-in gothic style, it is known as the symbol of Vienna. When you think of Austria, you also think of the Baroque style. The ÜPalace of Belvedere and its gardens are a great example of this 17th-century style. Last but not least, Vienna’s Ringstrasse is the epicenter of a lot of Vienna’s highlights. It is the perfect starting point for any tour in the city.

The city is also known for its excellent coffee-house culture. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee, before heading to an original Viennese Waltz matinée. This is a music festival where they play all the classics such as Bach, Mozart, Hadyn, and Schubert.

Another place worth visiting is the historic City of Salzburg. The city is located in a mountainous area. Therefore, you can prepare yourself to see the most amazing landscapes on your way to this gorgeous place that also happens to be the birthplace of Mozart. Also known as the City of Sound, Salzburg is a magnet for lovers of good music and offers many highlights that you can visit.

About Austria

In this mountainous country, the inhabitants speak German and all its variations. The standard of education in Austria is very high, so almost everyone has a solid understanding of English. When you visit Austria, you do not need to switch to another currency like in Switzerland. You can just pay with the euro.

The culture you see today in Austria is derived from their wealthy ancestors: The Habsburg dynasty. They made the country rich and filled it with royal palaces, masterpieces of famous artists like Rubens, and ear-pleasing music from composers such as the world-famous Mozart. For all the fans of a nature-oriented destination, Austria is also perfect as the landscapes vary from river deep blue lakes to the peaks of the illustrious Alpes.

What can you fill your belly with during your trip, you ask? The Austrians are really fond of the typical Schnitzel and dumplings. But in more recent years, they have upped their game with vegan, organic, and locally sourced foods. In spring, you can expect to eat some asparagus. Apricots are all the rage in summer, and in autumn, you can devour some delicious mushrooms with wine.