testimonial_barcelona_accessable “We had a wonderful holiday and Barcelona specifically was the highlight of the trip for us. We spent a wonderful day with Alan and Ignacio. I of course don’t need to tell you that Alan is extremely knowledgeable about the city and had the answer to pretty much all of the (many) questions we fired at him.  Ignacio was very kind and very importantly a careful and steady driver.  I’m sure you’ll know driving with a bit more care and attention is especially important when someone is travelling in a wheelchair as not being sat as low or in seats that are part of the car you feel the movement a lot more.  We really liked the Pinxa bar where we had lunch and would probably have never tried to eat somewhere like that without your suggestion – I just wish I’d paid a bit more attention to the food I had so I could try and recreate some of it at home!”

Clare S., United Kingdom

Barcelona, August 2017