Wheelchair accessible Sweden is the country of Abba, Fika, blond people, elks, rocky islands, frozen wastelands, red wooden huts, and virgin forest. Discover what all these strange words mean by traveling there! It is a country full of tolerant and friendly people. In the breath-taking nature of Sweden, you can experience the polar light, the arctic cold, and the midnight sun. It’s not just the impressive nature that makes Sweden a great place to travel to, but also the pleasant cities, like Stockholm and Göteborg.


What to see

Sweden is a fascinating country with a lot of interesting places. The capital, Stockholm, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. They sometimes call it the “Venice of the North” because water surrounds the entire city. Stockholm is a modern city with a diverse culture and history to explore and experience. The midsummer festival is one of the most important festivals in Sweden. There you can spot or join people dancing around a midsummer pole with floral wreaths, singing, playing games, and having fun. The most important highlights you should visit are the Museum of Photography, Vasa Museum, Skansen, Sky view, City Hall, Gamla Stan, and so much more. You never get enough of it. A must-see to put on your bucket list!

About Sweden

Sweden is a unique country. Across the country, many untouched areas of nature are often housed in National Parks and Nature Reserves. In these areas, Elks, Bears, Wolves, and Lynxes live. Lapland, in Northern Sweden, is known for its snow and reindeer. One can also experience the natural phenomena of the midnight sun and the northern lights. Many sports practiced in Sweden are the winter sports because of the long, harsh winters. Think of ice hockey, skating, and skiing. Sweden also has several historic towns, mountain areas, mining areas, and the royal castle Drottningholm.

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