wheelchair accessible la laguna tenerife

Highlights of this tour

  • UNESCO heritage La Laguna
  • Walking/rolling tour
  • Cathedral of San Cristobal (closed on Sundays)

Accessibility information

  • Very mild cobbles
  • Tour stays on the flat parts
  • Adapted vehicle for the transportation between the sights

What is included?

  • Private Tour
  • Tour duration: 3 hours
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Itinerary adjustable to your wishes
  • Door to door
  • Pick up from the Santa Cruz cruise port

What is not included?

  • Tips
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrances, unless stated
  • Pick up from another location on the island can be arranged. Contact us for the possibilities.
La Laguna Tenerife old city
La Laguna University
La Laguna Tenerife old town

About the wheelchair accessible La Laguna tour

You are picked up by your tour guide in an adapted vehicle at the cruise port or your accommodation. You will find her with a sign she is holding with your name on it. Once you are comfortable, your Accessible La Laguna tour starts. The drive to the beautiful city of La Laguna is about 25 minutes. It is UNESCO World Heritage since 1999, and during this tour, you will see why.

La Laguna

San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a medium-sized city in the north of Tenerife. The town is called La Laguna for short by the locals. La Laguna means ‘the lagoon’ because there was a lagoon here until it was drained. Because of this, it is imaginable that the place could be a little humid and fresh. It is recommendable to take some warm clothes, just in case. La Laguna is located north, very close to Santa Cruz, the largest and nowadays most important city of the island. In the year 1496, the new citizens, arriving from the mainland of Spain, proclaimed La Laguna as the first capital of Tenerife.

the Cathedral of San Cristóbal

Religiously, the town is still the most important, because the seat of the Diocese of Tenerife is the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. It is the only cathedral on the island. It is, therefore, an essential attraction within the city and fully wheelchair accessible. The cathedral dates from 1515. Since it was built, the cathedral has undergone some radical cosmetic changes. There are no remains of the first version of the church, but in the town, you see other religious and civil buildings that show the importance of the city and the past of the island.

World Heritage

The entire historic center of San Cristóbal de La Laguna has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999. It is the total picture of colorful historical facades supplemented by several unique buildings that have given La Laguna a place on this list. Another reason is that it conserves the early drawing of streets, one of the first ‘modern’ cities after the Middle Ages, built without walls.

A large part of the historic center is car-free. The fact that pedestrians can walk around undisturbed by cars, contributes positively to the atmosphere. In the streets, you will find many shops, bars, restaurants, and terraces. As a result, the city center not only has the function of an open-air museum, but it also plays an essential role in the daily lives of the more than one hundred and forty thousand inhabitants of La Laguna.

Historical center

La Laguna retains in its historical center the same layout of the streets that were drawn in the 16th century on flat land. After the conquest of Tenerife, La Laguna was the capital of the island and maintained numerous homes and convents and churches of the 17th and 18th centuries. Walk/Roll with us through the beautiful pedestrian streets and enjoy a vibrant city, full of shops and cafés.

When the Accessible La Laguna tour is finished, your guide brings you back to the cruise port again.

Tenerife Adapted Taxi

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