Alcudia beach
Alcudia old town
Lluch Monanstery


Highlights of this tour

  • Alcudia
  • Breathtaking beaches
  • Visit an old market
  • Monastery de Lluch
  • Black Madonna

First stop

This accessible guided visit by a tourist assistant starts in Alcudia. This town lies in the northeast of Mallorca. The village is hidden between two bays which harbors exceptional beaches of the Mediterranean Coast. The town has a quiet and charming character. You will feel this instantly when you visit the old town and a typical market. You have medieval walls, narrow streets, cozy plazas, and big stone houses. There is also an old Roman settlement that you can visit in the town.

Second stop

You will continue your journey to the famous “Monasterio de Lluch” with the unique Black Madonna in Mallorca. It is the most import pilgrimage site in Mallorca. They built the sanctuary after a Moorish shepherd found a statue of the Virgin Mary on the site. The monastery lies in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and is a starting point for lots of tours. Behind the monastery is a beautiful botanical garden that showcases an exhibition focussed on preserving the environment of the Mallorcan mountain region.

Optional stop

Add an accessible ‘walk’ around the small lake of Cuber. It is the reservoir that supplies Palma with water and is surrounded by limestone peaks and sparse forests. You can find this lake in the area of the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains. The lake has a beautiful turquoise color and if you are lucky you will spot wild goats and cows grazing freely. The region of the lakes in Mallorca has been declared as one of the best ‘walking’ areas. The total tour duration will be 8 hours if you add this option.

*Ask for the possibilities regarding this tour when booking it from your hotel in Mallorca.


All these accessible sports experiences consist of a theoretical part and then the sport itself. You are always accompanied by a professional instructor who will show you the ropes. Before doing each sport, there is a little test to see if there are no obstacles.

Add an accessible land and sea excursion

This excursion takes you to the National Park of Cabrera with an accessible boat. The use of a Joelette, the Red Cross service, and a swim in an amphibious chair are all included. Lastly, you head to the stunning Blue Cave.

Add an accessible golf experience

With this accessible golf instruction, you get lessons first and then you can practice with the use of a para golfer.

Add an accessible sailing experience

Get to know the basics first on land and then head out to sea to practice your newfound skills. You will also have an amazing view of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca when on the boat.

Add an accessible sailing on land experience

Sailing on land is a bit different from the normal sailing. You are on land firstly and you move along on a vehicle on three wheels using the wind.

Add an accessible scuba diving experience

Do you want to experience the feeling of being weightless? You will get instruction on the basics before you get into the water. Enjoy the experience of being able to breathe underwater, without any restrictions!

Add an accessible kayaking experience

After a personalized adaptation of the kayak, you learn how to steer one. Then, it is up to you and to go and have fun on the water.

Add an accessible water skiing experience

With this unique accessible waterskiing experience, you will have the time of your life! The board is specially adapted to have an accessible waterskiing experience.

Add an accessible 4×4 Superfour experience

On this tour, you will explore the beautiful UNESCO listed Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. You will do this by means of an accessible 4×4 Superfour vehicle.